RZR and Rhino custom exhuast.


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Feb 8, 2008
Prescott Valley, AZ
A buddy of mine, John, owns a custom exhaust and muffler shop in San Diego, and wanted to know if he could use my stock RZR to develope an exhaust system. He already built one for a friends Rhino. Enclosed are some pictures. Man did it ever wake our RZR up! We dropped a K&N in and took it for a spin. The bottom end response was amazing, breaking all four wheels lose on a gravel road, very snappy response, and 54mph was about all we could get out of the stock set-up. We got it up to 62mph before the rev limit kicked in. (never hit the rev limit before) It was pulling hard 'til the limitter. He's trying to develope a system for UTV's that give great performance, install easy to the stock mounts, are slightly louder than stock, and don't bust the budget. He's using mild steel instead of stainless to prevent cracking, an automotive Flowmaster Hushpower muffler, ceramic coating and a slip-on Supertrap to make it USFS spark arrestor approved. He's sending a set of systems up to Corey S. to dyno so he doesn't have any #'s yet, but I'm anxious to see them. He's trying to build a sub$500 RZR system, and a sub $550 Rhino system, with a $65 Supertrap slip-on. Mine has an 18" muffler, but he can make them with a 12" so the slip-on won't extend past the rear frame.


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