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I posted in the main section about my trip to Sac - but thought I would here too - since this is the proper location...

As I stated I flew up early to go through some training sessions sponsored by CLORV, these were really valuable as they went over media and bills and how we fit into the mix of state legislature. What we can do as grass roots orgs to make a difference and then it further explained how the money adds into the mix with campaign donations, endorsements, etc. Basically they re-stated that the squeaky wheel gets the grease the enviros are squeaky - we need to be squeaky. On Monday I learned more the bills, new lawsuits, etc. I also got my brief education on the ESA, habitat protection etc. Which of course is why I got into racing, so I could study habitat and endangered species....wild isn't it?

The Snowy Plover that Martin has spoken about before was a big topic due to Oceano. Here is what I wrote - - One of the main topics of discussion was a little cute bird called the Snowy Plover and Oceano (pismo) which is slated for complete closure from the Coastal Commission. The little plover is very unbundant in Salt Lake and Salton Sea just not on the coast, but because they are not abundant on the coast - they want to close it to all access to save the plover, though the little plover is being killed due to a pretatory bird called a Shrike - not OHV - but that is just a technicality apparently.

It was good to go around and talk with the senators and assemblymen ( persons- whatever) and see what their day is like and how to get their attention. Some of you should attend with me next year.

All together about 40 people showed up and 11 CORVA members with their jackets - and legislators remember those bright orange jackets - it was pretty cool.

There are so many attacks being coordinated at the same time - I just received another e-mail last night that someone is organizing yet another on all OHV - desert racing is on the radar - just not in the scopes yet. We have lots of work to do - fortunately Off-Roaders in general have come together - there were a number of clubs and groups represented from all over the state up there this weekend - and that is good - business owners were another good thing.

We have to get people to VOTE and get involved with their local elections - we have to be involved in this stuff so they have a face and a name to go with off-roading. We need to write letters too - that is important - include how much money you and your family spend in off-roading. Get invovled with your local County Supervisors - they can have an impact on trails, roads, permits and parks - they are starting to come to all sorts of functions when asked and they make a good impression when they do - we need to support and get the support of these people. They will remember you too!

These bills are up for election - we need to get vocal about them
In Ca - write to them about the following bills - go to for more info.

Support ~
AB 985 (2001-2002)
Author: Florez
Topic: Fully protected species.
Position: Support
This bill would declare the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to address the issues of the current statutory provisions governing fully protected species and exploring a prescribed conservation program. Basically it takes 37 fully protected species and places them under the full protection of the ESA.

AB2274 (Keeley & Wyland) that adds additional support to AB723 involving a
code update related to the current stakeholders process. This is regarding the OHVMR stakeholders


We are asking for opposition to the S482 (Kuehl) that is another unbalanced enviro
bill that broadens the definition of Take under the Calif. Endangered Species
Act (CESA). This one could really affect us and it is her second try at us.

We need to go on the offensive and get off the defensive. And lastly we have some great support and friends in the orgs involved with CLORV - I remained treasurer for that group and now ASA and AMA national are involved. CORDR also helped sponsor a legislative reception on Monday night where legislators and staff were invited to a nicely catered reception to meet and greet. I stayed for awhile - did some hob knobbing and met a few people, one was Bill Dart who some may recognize from AMA - he is now on the national board with Blue Ribbon. Some Imperial County supervisors showed up - got to meet them as well. - I had to dash to the airport so I missed the other people that came by - but it was good - I'll probably stay another day next year and get some appointments with my legislators to discuss some of these issues.

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Thank you for dedicating your time and money to represent us.