sad day at The PAS


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14 years ago I lost a friend named Jeff Bagley . He raced sprint cars at Ascot Speedway . He was killed in a crash at the track in 1989 . His parents Paul an Helen Bagley stayed true to the sport their family loved so much and became sponsors , and did fundraising for the SCRA . Tragically they were both killed saturday night at the Perris Auto Speedway when a sprint car rolled out of control on the first lap of the B main striking them as they were standing together in the in field .

This just stands as a reminder to me that you never know when your last day is , so live everyday like it is your last .

They were my friends and I will miss them with all my heart .

Dan Vance


WOW Dan that sucks big time. i was reading about that in the newspaper on Monday. I wouldnt have thought i knew anyone who knew them. The PAS is an awsome place to go and watch the best dirt track racing in all of southen california in my opinion. tell the family my thoughts and prayers are with them.



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That does really suck. At least they were doing what they loved to do best. I think if you had to pick a way to go out you couldnt pick better way. Last thing anyone knew they were having fun!
Sorry for the loss


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Paul and Helen lived next door to my fiance's mom in hesperia. I only met them a few times but they were very nice people,just talked to helen the week before the accident.


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Sorry to hear about that Dan, those are the kind of things that I am always afraid of.

Live life as every day was your last.........


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I hate to hear those kinda stories. My condolences. Gonna go hug my kids now. Makes you really appreciate what you have.