Safety wiring


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After being around this type of racing along with my drag racing experience I thought that I would like to create a class on how to safety wire the proper way.
I've been in the Aerospace/ Missile Defense division for the past 24 years and have learned quite a bit about the process and specs that are required for proper safety wiring fasteners.
My question is, would any of you think about taking such a class? I had several ideas, but don't want to invest too much into this in case nobody is interested in the proper use of lockwire.
It would consist of some class time to understand the basic knowledge and then some hands on experience as well. Get to know how the tools work, and some of the problems that can come up during the wiring process.

Let me know what you guys think. I have used it on so many different places on my cars, trucks and dirt bikes vs. just using locktite. I even use both on some areas that give me grief as well. So, if you think it would be beneficial drop me a PM or get back on here.
Thanks for the input.



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You should expand the curriculum on how to properly install/torque fastners and the proper use of threadlocking compounds.


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It would depend on several things to be honest. I was thinking about getting a group together at a local area shop and give the class. There would have to be a certain amount of people to show up to make it worth my while to come to a different city of course.
I've heard some say make something online and pay to view. This is not something you can just pick up without actually doing it. That's why I'm a little more interested in the classroom format.


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This is something that I'm very interested in. I have very limited knowledge in this area and it something I need to know more about. I will try and watch this thread for future info

Thanks, Brian


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Some of the ideas that I'm getting are great! It would be nice to be able to hook up with a local shop so I could teach the class there. My only problem is I don't know anyone in California that would be open to something like this.


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How much time would it take to show someone how to do this ?Could you do something say at the Sand Sport Show in California or at a venue like that or on a night later after it was over ?Just an idea.


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Those are some great ideas, thanks. I'd like to start out with something local to Arizona, and see how it goes. Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll set something up.


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Have you considered offering the class for free to the participants and charging the location or getting a company to sponsor it? exp: Safety Wire like a Rockstar offered by Kartek.

Everyone wins; you get an alert class jacked up on an energy drink, location gets their products know to more people, Rockstar gets more addicts and us RDCr's learn how to safety wire for gas money.

Just a thought.... sign me up when it happens!


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How long of a class do you think it would be? How much would it cost?

I'd come down to Phx as long as it isn't 10,000 degrees.


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If it were in so cal i would take the class.


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I've tried asking several places with no luck. If I can find a place, and get enough people to sign up to make it worth my time I'll do it.

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I think this is a great idea. I like using safety wire, and think I know enough about it to get by. But I would love to learn more. I feel like its an art form, and I don't quite have it down. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to put something together the way I like. If I where not so far away I would offer my shop as a place to host the class.


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hit up a community collage and use the auto shop have auto students come in and any one else
could do it once or twice a semester
defiantly interested let me know if this goes anyhere


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I've been down sick here lately trying to get better and get some sample boards made up. That way each "student" can have their own board and practice as they go. It will have different sizes and shapes, along with different spans, which would make you decide on which type of lockwire to use. Also, there will be patterns, or 3 ways to show how you would best start and finish up your start and stop points.
When is it ok to use single strand vs. twist. How to use tamper proof, and what that will require. Short of just having something set up in my home garage, I'm still trying to find someone who has a shop that is interested.
It would be great to all work together on this.


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What about just selling a "practice" board along with a DVD showing you demonstrating all of the variations on the board and when to use each...?