Salvaged RZR auctions?

Im looking for a low mileage XP 1000 2 seater non turbo to build into a race car for my wife. I was considering buying a totaled RZR at auction and fixing the frame if necessary, and replacing the cage and suspension with aftermarket.

Has anybody had good luck buying salvaged RZRs at insurance auctions? If so any suggestions on where to to look. I’ve found quite a few on Copart, Crashed Toys and Salvaged Bikes Auctions, but I’m not sure of the validity of these sites.

Any info would be appreciated, thanks.
Ross Stuckert


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I stopped by a place that had auctions for them. Some of them had very little damage and would have been easy to fix. Some were total piles. I would not bid on anything without being able to look at it in person. I couldn't get sale prices out of them either. They were an online auction and when it finished they disappeared from the site. Unless you were actively bidding on them you would never see the final price.

jon coleman

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i used to work at cycle express, in El Cajon, they moved to Poway, they used to work w all the motorcycle companies financial side of things, insurance too , repos , had auction s,ect.Cliff& Andy ( house of motorcycles)were my boss's, this was Years ago, never know, might still be around ....


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Copart auctions
Google it thier everywhere but be prepared everybody else is buying causing some crazy prices.
I bought 2 in the last year both high speed rollovers (very high speed)


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Beware of the salvage auctions, Copart and IAA. I think Crashed Toys is related to one of them. I used to buy motorcycles there. They do a minimal condition report and its buyer beware. Could have undisclosed broken cases and bent everything or could be minimal cosmetic. That and their fees are astronomical, fees to pull it out of the yard, fee to load on your trailer, storage fees, etc