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Apr 1, 2001
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You may have heard about Senator Barbara Boxer's proposed legislation that will close MILLIONS OF ACRES of public land in California. Outdoor recreation enthusiasts would be shut out of some of their favorite places because of new restrictions on off-highway vehicle and mountain bike activities.

<font color=yellow>San Diego County Supervisors SUPPORT this plan. Only one, SUPERVISOR BILL HORN, stands alone in his opposition to this plan that will continue to shut down land in California.</font color=yellow>

This issue is scheduled to be heard on July 30. Please send your support to Supervisor Bill Horn, and let the other Supervisors know what you think of being shut out of millions more acres of land in California.

District 1: Greg Cox;
District 2: Dianne Jacob:
District 3: Pam Slater:
District 4: Ron Roberts:
District 5: Bill Horn;

<font color=red>Look at what the "Greens" are putting out against us tomorrow:</font color=red>

URGENT ALERT! Anti-wilderness resolution at the Board of Supervisors,
Tuesday, July 30! Your help is needed to defeat Sup. Bill Horn's
anti-wilderness resolution, which he will bring to the Board of Supervisors
on Tuesday, July 30. Horn is bringing this resolution in response to Senator

Boxer's California Wild Heritage Wilderness Act of 2002, which will protect
2.5 million acres of Wilderness in California and designate 22 river
segments as Wild and Scenic. In San Diego County, the bill will protect
44,000 acres as Wilderness and designate four Wild and Scenic River
segments. We need to let the Supervisors know that the majority of San
Diegans support this wilderness legislation, and want the Supervisors to
support it too.

WHAT YOU CAN DO 1) Call your Supervisor (contact info below). It will take
two minutes. Make sure they take down your name and address when you call.
Tell the person who answers the phone that you are concerned about Bill
Horn's anti-wilderness resolution. Ask the supervisor to vote against Horn's

resolution, and to support a resolution in favor of the California Wild
Heritage Wilderness Act of 2002.

If possible, please attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, July

30, at 9 am at the County Administration Building on Pacific Highway and
speak in opposition to Bill Horn's anti-wilderness resolution and in favor
of the California Wild Heritage Wilderness Act of 2002.

CONTACT INFO District 1 (Imperial Beach, Chula Vista, National City,
Coronado, Point Loma) Greg Cox, 619-531-5511, FAX: 619-235-0644, District 2 (El Cajon, Poway, most of E. County)
Dianne Jacob, 619-531-5522, FAX: 619-696-7253, District 3 (La Jolla, Mira Mesa, Encinitas,
Escondido) Pam Slater, 619-531-5533, FAX: 619-234-1559, District 4 (Central City of San Diego) Ron
Roberts, 619-531-5544, FAX: 619-531-6262,
District 5 (North county, including Carlsbad, Oceanside, Fallbrook, Valley
Center) Bill Horn, 619-531-5555,

BACKGROUND Dozens of volunteers have worked for three years identifying,
mapping and generating support for new wilderness areas in San Diego County.

The areas that were selected for the Wild Heritage Bill include important
habitat at the headwaters of the San Diego River (Eagle Peak Wilderness
areas), Sweetwater River (Hauser additions), and critical habitat for the
endangered Peninsular bighorn sheep (Carrizo Gorge and Sawtooth Mountains
additions). In addition, spectacular, untouched segments of the San Diego
River, Cedar Creek, and Pine Valley Creek have been selected for Wild and
Scenic River status. It is important to protect these rivers and landscapes
because: 1) all of the areas provide valuable open space, while the mountain

areas contain the headwaters of local sources for our clean drinking water;
2) all of these areas and rivers provide habitat for endangered plants and
animals; 3) they are part of our nation's precious wilderness heritage.

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