San Diego SX

Reed finally bested Carmichael!!!
Actually Ricky ate it after a whoop section while trying to catch up to Chad in the early laps and that was that.
Bubba, of course, won the 125 main.

On different note, it was kind of disturbing to see that there was no type of security check when entering the (qualcomm) stadium. My cousin even managed to sneak in (re-enter) through one of the gates. But we made it back ok so i guess no harm no foul.


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Had a good time...lots of hot chicks...some chick fights....regular drunken guy fights....found stickers all over The Piece.....

Good Times!

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Ya being that we're on terror alert orange or whatever i thought the security would be gnarly, but it wasnt at all. Me and my buddies were even hanging out in the little camera booth for football up on the nosebleed section! I guess they don't care if all the white trash gets blown up. lol

The cops did make sure to ticket me for drinking beer though :(

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All I know is my blender that I released to public yesterday in the parking lot was a success!!! 2 handles of tequila were consumed with various mixing juices. Had about 35 people in our group and had a blast... Was there a race? I was just kinda staring out at the track watching dots bounce around from the nose bleed section.


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It was pretty fun, 125 isnt even worth the time to watch anymore considering bubba almost wins by a whole damn lap. He should be racing 250
But I think I was the ONLY person cheering when Charmical(sp) crashed! jajaja Im glad Reed won and I hope he keeps it up and makes up those 4 points next weekend! And its too bad Langston is starting next weekend, that bummed me out I wish he could have raced SD

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its funny, I read an editorial today about how supercross is the "latest and greatest growing X sport". It made me kaugh. The writer was saying how the Anaheim Stadium was full and how Jack Murphy had 20,000 more spectators than Anaheim. He was saying how the sport is "fringe" right now but that it is getting bigger every year. I have to laugh. I have been going to Supercross races since about 1991. They were filling the stands back then too. I guess it is cyclical. The sport has had its ups and downs and it is currently having an up. The only thing he felt would take it down was not enough competition for Carmichael. How does it feel to be "on the fringe"?

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Waaaay too many flatbillers there for my taste, and yeah, the security check was a joke.

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Martin...about people thinking that supercross is bigger than ever... I think that it's just now there are more people than ever that are aware of what supercross/motocross is. Back in the 'Superbowl of Motocross' days at the Colliseum, it was only diehard fans....probably all of which actually rode motorcycles, that attended the events. Nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if 25% or more of the people at a SX has ever thrown a leg over a bike. So I think that a lot of people are thinking that SX has gotten bigger, just because it's more visible to the average joe. I'm having flashbacks of the peristyle jump, Doug Domokos(sp?) doing wheelies around the whole track, oh damn...also that nasty flo-green, pink and purple JT gear that was cool in the early 90's!!!!

Damn I love moto!!!!