San Diego vinyl wrap


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Who do you guys recommend for getting a wrap done on my UTV prior to the NORRA race in April? I don't have any big name sponsors, just a few discount products and a couple of companies that offer enough money to pay for about half my gas. I just do this stuff out of pocket so looking for a budget friendly place than can help me design and apply the graphics. I'm in Escondido. Thanks!

punchdrunk monkey

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I just used Sign Art in Vista for my prerunner. They were great to work with and very good pricing. They even came to my house to finish my roof.


Hey Zambo, we are located in Escondido and do vehicle wraps and off-road race prep all in house! Feel free to give us a call and we can get you a quote! 760-796-3999

Steve Marolda

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Sign Art is GREAT! Known them since 1985 when they did my truck. And they're racers too. Fritz was a long time regular in the Trans Am series.


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Another thumbs up for Sign Art. Natalie and team knocked it out of the park on the Red Rocket.



I know Orange up near Anaheim isn’t that close but Patrick’s Signs does awesome work. They aren’t just in Vegas they have a Shop in Orange CA. Plus they’ve been Desert Racers from way back.