San Felipe 250 aint pay too Ecology


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I just came back from a local welding shop, and the owner toll me that have been news here in Mexicali, that the San Felipe 250 race havent pay the tax's too the Department of Ecology (Actually this its very usual of Sal Fish on the Baja Race's) and needer the land use too the owner's. This has all ready been on the News papers, and also that SCORE its going too have a fine for have all ready mark the course and all ready pre run the race, and The Ecology Department havent have nothing, nedder a map or something on there possesion.

Soo wath out, maybe there's not going too be the San Felipe 250 Race, if you dont beleive it, beleive it on the weekend off the 9 and 10 there was going to be a Off Road Race off a Promoter of Ensenada that not pay to Ecology until the last moment and they do not have the permition too Race.

The local promoter have toll us that Ecology its going to be light on the small or big promoter. Soo try too talk toi Sal Fish or somebody on SCORE because there a bis possibility that there not going to be this race.

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I don't think the mayor of San Felipe and the tourism board will let the biggest event of the year get away. Promises are made, gifts are exchanged, money changes hands and mysteriously, the problems disappear, and all permits are granted. Ah, Mexico!


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Yea I don't see why or how they will not have the race. You know how much money this one race must bring to that city?

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