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San Felipe 250 Race-to-Chase Tracking PLUS something *NEW*.


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San Felipe 250

*NEW* part first. RacingTraX is now offering a forwarding service where we will forward your "Race Mile / Speed / Time Stamp" from your Anube Stella tracker to you as a cellular text message every 8 minutes for just $25 per number. You can now get text updates from any racer now in Mexico without needing to install a RacingTraX tracker. Visit RacingTraX.com and click on SMS Updates at the top of the page.

As for our regular Race-to-Chase tracking and communications service for the San Felipe 250, here are the details:

-$100 per Race Tracker.
-$100 per Chase Tracker. *BONUS, Get a FREE cellular update per tracker rented. Please email cell numbers you want added to your team after you've placed your order.
-Receive 8 minutes updates with your current Race Mile and Speed via the Iridium Satellite Network "No Cell Service Needed". 4 Minute live map updates.
-FREE Pre-Running! Use your units for satellite messaging and get an hourly tracking update on our live map at RacingTraX.com.
-FREE 30 minute Chase Vehicle updates on our live race day map.
-100 additional messages per device rented to be used above and beyond the 8 minute race updates.

Put your orders in at RacingTraX.com, I'll be mailing out units starting March 11th, I'll also be attending the race so I can bring units down trackers for anyone signing up at the last minute.

Please post any questions right here on the forum. Thanks.