San Felipe 250 Race-to-Chase Updates


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Racing the SCORE San Felipe 250?
Get direct Race-to-Chase tracking updates containing current race mile and speed every 8 minutes with our RacingTraX system. No cell service required.

Unit rentals are $125 each. This gets you:

- 4 minutes updates to our live race day map on
- 8 minute emailed updates from your race vehicle to all of your chase vehicles with cars current race mile and speed.
- 100 messages per unit to use above and beyond the 8 minute race updates.
- Half hour chase truck location updates on the live map.
- In the case that someone jacks one of your vehicles while in Mexico, we will turn on 2 minutes tracking and get you a location asap!
- Easily be able to message between your team. You can also text your wife at home to check in, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Add a cell plan for $25 so when in cell service you'll receive a text update with race mile and speed every 8-minutes as well.

Being broke down in Mexico with no way to contact your team is no fun!

For questions call David: 801-836-5198
Order at: RacingTraX | SCORE Baja 1000

See instructional video below:


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