San Felipe 350 - Incar 1212 with Navigator Michael Ahearn


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Jan 20, 2005
Tijuana,Mx and San Diego,Ca
Big shout out to my buddy Michael Ahearn member of FRT Class 12 in SCORE for racing 5 miles in the San Felipe 350.

He has navigated with Team FRT since the 2017 Baja 1000 with the approval of SCORE and CODE (Mexicali 500), also special thanks to Martin Lizarraga (owner) and Jose Manuel Rodriguez both main drivers of Blue Demon 1212.

Michael’s FB page with the video (better quality)

Enjoy the ride.
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Nov 2, 2005
Tijuana Mexico
Hi guys, Michael has been a codriver for FRT Team in Class 12 since the 2017 Baja 1000, and has been in every race that the team has raced on SCORE and CODE ever since.
He is an amazing kid that is not only co riding but he is present on the team meetings when we are prepping the car for a race.
Its amazing how he likes it and enjoys it and this videos are testimony of that, as 1 one of you guys said he has a big smile once he is in the car and when he arrives at the shop.
FRT is an inclusive team whith emphasis on Family Values and whith the spirit of these sport or hobby that being we are a band of brothers and no one is left behind and we are allways willing to help or lend a hand wen we can.
This particular race the SF350 on race day was almost trouble free, we only have small ones, we change a CV Joint and we did have problems with the radio and the tracker but we manage that.
The biggest problem if you call it like that, was that 1 of the drivers have un scheduled cirgury 1 week before the race and that changed the logistics of the race and the team dedicated the race to him since he have to stay home for this one.
The race wen according to plan on times and all the pits were spot on, we came in on 4th place and want to thank Weatherman for the patience since we have problems communicating whith the race car and the tracker was not working properly early on the race
We are looking forward to the Baja 500 as our next race and the plan is to race the whole SCORE series this year we carry the 1212 number on our race car and if you guys see us on contingency row on Estero Beach you will see Michael whith us come and say hi.