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San Felipe Crash RM54-55


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So we were hoping to turn our "SCORE" racing luck around at the San Felipe 250. We got off to a good start and were running well. We got behind a buggy about RM 18 and lost some valuable time. There were no good passing lanes and we commented that we wanted to be patient. Then 844 (good job on the finish guys!) came up on us while we were trying to pass the buggy. I didn't want to be accused of pass blocking or jack-rabbiting so I moved to allow them over (I didn't mean to rub after). I figured we would battled it out latter in the race and didn't want to yet, so early.

We passed RM 54 and was on course. Our 5700 pound truck was doing 55-70 mph at the time and then we went on one hell of a ride. Take a look at the pictures. 1237 came at almost a 90 degree angle at full race speed and T-boned us. We rolled 1.5 times with a direction change and came to a stop 25 feet from impact, in a tree. A piece of a branch went penetrated our frame. Then, my partner dropped his helmet on my head. lol. We could smell the fire and hear the other cars zooming by. Then we heard the cries from 1237. I pressed the SOS on the Stella. We got out and I went to help the driver of the buggy and my partner put out the fires.

The driver of the other vehicle was crushed in his seat and broke his leg. With his screams we thought we was hurt worse (I hope he isn't). His co-driver was a Doctor. We removed him from his buggy and placed a splint on his leg. I want to thank to 2 other buggy's that stopped to help.

We are bruised and battered, but we are thankfull nobody was hurt worse. Thats racin'.

SanFelipe1.JPG SanFelipe2.JPG SanFelipe3.JPG SanFelipe4.JPG SanFelipe5.JPG SanFelipe6.JPG SanFelipe7.JPG SanFelipe8.JPG SanFelipe9.JPG SanFelipe10.JPG SanFelipe11.JPG SanFelipe12.JPG SanFelipe13.PNG SanFelipe14.PNG

Chris Tobin

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That's rough, glad everyone is relatively okay!!!


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Lot's of intersecting lines in that wash.....glad everyone is okay

Thanks! I never saw him or any sign of him. Co-driver saw him milliseconds prior to impact. As you can see from the video, no real sign until he hit us. It was a bad deal. I had no time to tense up and maybe that helped. We both had our new NecksGen REV 2 LITE's on.

JA Racing

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We came up on you guys right after in the 802 Batman truck honk you guys gave us the thumbs up, wenever saw a second car . we were Stopping sorry for the bad luck . It was hell passing the 12 cars its always a debate about starting order if i was a 12 car i would not want 5-6k truck breathing down on me we almost hit 2 or 3 of they passing not sure if the pass feature was working i used it every pass none got over


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Thanks JA Racing. I remember seeing you guys. We had already put out the fires and pulled the guy from his car. He was airlifted out of there.

We had the same experience passing the 12 cars. I respect them too much to nerf them but it sure was tempting. I agree with you, I wouldn't want us on my back in one of those. I had a type earlier, our truck is 6700 pounds! Heavy. Heavy. Heavy.

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Racing Ron

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Damn Spencer - that was not in the curriculum! I get the crazy lines in the wash, but did the driver even see you? Looks like he drove right into the side of a big truck full throttle!


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You might want to add that on Day 3 and I can come be your guest speaker? lol

I am not sure, but you are correct. He drove right in the side of us at race speed. We were fat (at least I am), dumb and happy and then BANG!



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We were listening on Weatherman, glad everyone was OK...any update on the airvac broken leg? Radio said it was a 10 car???

It was sort of frustrating for us listening to Weatherman as there was a stuck mic and they were having issues hearing transmissions. Confusion about if SCORE rescue was needed or not.


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Az amsoil, no update but I believe he is ok. It appeared he only had a broken leg but he must have been in a lot of pain. Their roll cage was partially collapsed from the impact. Their number was 1237 and their team did one hell of a job getting to them. His co driver was a doctor and he and I placed a splint on his leg. I think the doctor was in shock. I really don't think he needed a helicopter but he was screaming. Before I got to him I thought he had broken his neck. As part of our team planning we have a list of medical facilities and we program their GPS coordinates. Our helicopter landed but he was too heavy, and it didn't appear medically warranted versus the potential risk so we had them takeoff and radio relay. The SCORE Astar took him a few miles to a waiting ambulance.


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well???? did you finish the race???


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I didn't but it wasn't because I wasn't game. We turned the truck over and got it running. Our right side upper and lower A-Arm and mounts were cracked/split/shattered. We could have nursed it with another A-Arm but it woudnt have made it like it was. We didn't even think we were going to be able to load it on the trailer.

It was too heavy to go on three wheels like the awesome UTV team did last year at the 1000!



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Couple things I am curious about. What caused the flash fire on the passenger side right when he hit you? Saw the flames come up by the window. Seems like some rerouting of something may be important for you guys. Second, more drivers/riders need to practice getting out of the vehicles with their helmets on. So mush extra time trying to undo wires/hoses// then helmets. Get the wire and hose off and get out. If there was an actual fire, the extra 4-5 seconds folk fiddle dart around trying to undo that stuff really could be the difference between a scare and partial/full thickness burns. Practice until you can do it without thinking about it. Looks like there were plenty of lines that crisscrossed through there. Cars going every which way in the videos.


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Bro Gill...good observations.

The header was snapped basically at the collector. So there was a 6-8 foot section flying around. We ordered a new carb yesterday as we think we were over carbureted. We had an issues a month ago in testing with hydrolock and we changed/removed power values, played with float levels, changed pressure regulators, adjusted pressure, prayed over it, sent to Haiti for ritual evil spirit removal, etc.

I tried to get my team to flip the truck over on its side and top for us to practice quick exits a few weeks ago and it was 12-11 against when we voted. lol Kind of like a HUET trainer which is used often in aviation.

All kidding aside, good suggestion on exits with helmet on!!

There is a reason I removed mine prior to exiting. As you can imagine, it was a pretty violent ride and took me by surprise. "Rang my bell" After I ran my tongue around all my teeth to see if they were still there, I was asking my co-driver if he was ok. I never heard a response. I couldn't see him. As my helmet was basically off he responded that he was ok. I would not leave the truck without him. I got him in this and I would not exit without him. The guy on bottom should always remove belt and exit first in an ideal world, but not at the expense of leaving your buddy.

Once he dropped his helmet on me (I think it was on purpose as the new truck was wrecked) he was actually stepping on the steering wheel so I could not remove it. We could hear the other vehicles racing and we could also smell the fire/burning and see small flames. The apparent cause of the flames after the wreck was the right side header semi wedged between left side of truck and tree and it was burning the tree. What was even worse was our quick release on fire extinguisher's did not work and we had trouble removing them. I left to help the driver of the other vehicle and the co-driver put out the fire.


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Glad everyone is ok!

Got to wonder if sometimes HNR's limit head movement to now allow you to "look back" to see if someone's coming. Of course they add more safety than they remove with lack of vision (at least I think so).

I know when I "pull to the side" to stop for a second and try to restart you can't really see behind you of course once the hans is on. Mirrors are key :)

Not applicable in this case I would think since it was close to a 90 deg path between the vehicles.


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