San Felipe Desert Mayhem El Jefe 300 Jan 22nd


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Jun 7, 2014
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San Felipe / Washington State
Today I did a Prerun with Moises our Security Guard at PDO. This is his first race and he has lived in San Felipe his whole life, growing up watching racing from SCORE, RECORD, CODE, you name it. He has always wanted to race and because of cost he just has not been able to. Well things have changed and this year he is going to race his Yamaha 250 in this cheap $$ wise race. The San Felipe Mayhem 300. It’s actually like 275 miles but who cares. He is excited.

We started out this morning getting fuel at the gas station and headed towards the airport where the start of this race is going to take place. Headed towards the mountains and up the wash and then towards Zoo road. Crossed Zoo and went for about 6 miles and turned back towards Zoo road and back to the airport area where qualifying usually is and ended our 90 mile loop. Fun times and watching this kid with a huge smile on his face was well worth it.

Good run for the Honda Talon and put it through some whoops at some good speed. I will say I was very happy with this Honda. Go check them out. Transmission is nice.

Pictures on next post.