San Juan Capistrano?


Synergy Motorsports is in SJC.

I live in Ladera Ranch a few miles northeast...

Marty Fiolka

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My fiance and I moved here in February from the LBC and love every minute of it. Dirt Sports photographer Boyd Jaynes lives just down the street. Don't forget Todd Clement (Wide Open Baja) and Nick Baldwin live here too.



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Mark Post used to be listed on his entries as living in SJC, now it's Laguna beach. Roberto Guerrero lives in SJC. Johnny Campbell, Colton Udall both San Clemente. Just go down any expanded entry list and you'll see plenty of south county folk.


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PAB in DA hood.....

I don't want to brag but for a ghetto little beach town of 30k peeps we have lots of successful and well know racers and scrubs like me.....Jerry McDonald, Jeff Lewis, Johnny and Jamie Campbell, the DA is based here as is the Loyt crew, Rick Mynion, Black bros, Lothringer (jeff) YIKES Prep by Jake's infamous Jake, Vic family (Grand Pa heralded as gnarliest baja moto adventurer ever), Shane Reed, Trigger, Parquet, Colton and OX 'Tupid and this is just Sam Clemente......

I bet you could stack SC, DP and SJC against vegas for a fantasy race and we would win! wow, did I say that on the internet....I hate Vegas racers! PAB has big stick and likes to stir the pot!

SJC gets Post and Vegas gets Rob....they'd have to share the truck

Before you V Town desert dogs cut loose on me remember I am just having fun and Wikipedia says........ "The estimated population of the Las Vegas metropolitan area as of 2007, was 1,836,333.[2]" That's the 28th most populated city in the US.

Forgot to mention that my house is in San Clemente where I was raised but my fence is in SJC


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Wow i didn't know that so many are from here. I knew Nick baldwin lives here, ive met him a couple of times! Ive also seen a Black dodge with a Wide Open sticker running around here?

Pretty cool to here that all of you are around here!


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Come on PAB maybe I'm a traitor for moving to Colorado but I was from the SC! I even have the high school diploma to prove it! Maybe thats why I'm such a great driver! J/K!



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San Juan Capistrano???

What kind of strange name is that????:D;):):rolleyes: