San Vincente


Pre running I noticed the easy road around the rough, side hill section. I saw people prerunning the dirt road as I pre ran the course. I was hoping at the drivers meeting someone would ask Sal about that section, no one did. He mentioned the irrigation trench at mile 290 but not this seductive short cut. I knew on race day I would have to make a decision. Finally as I ran wide open to the check point I made my decision. I'll ask the guy working the check what everyone else was doing. I stopped my bike and asked the guy, "is everyone taking the dirt road" and he said YES! I asked again and he said yes. I took off up the hill and down the otherside looking at that road. It called to me but my bike went straight. My conscious knew which way was right even though my ego to win said your blowing it.
As I look back the check guy is just a volunteer and doesn't really have the power to decide if the short cut was legal. He probably didn't know. Last yr at the 1000 it probably was legal. Also I asked if others are taking it, not if its legal. Anyway I'm glad now my sub conscious listened to Sals words from the past, "ride the marked course".(even though its been seldom enforced in the past like Old Puertocitos Rd where everyone takes the graded side instead of the whooped out part along the power lines)
So for us we are hoping to move up instead of down......
XR Gene