Sand Blast 2001


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I finally got up some info on the race we are planning for December. We are still working out the details, but what we have is up on the SAND BLAST homepage located at</A>
This should be a really fun day so we hope everyone can make it out, either to race or spectate!
As we get some of the details worked out we will update everyone. Thanks to everyone who posted comments and sent emails in support of this event. We can't make it happen without all of you!
Thanks to Klaus and the Boyz for their support on this...RDC is our first official sponsor!

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First I have to say...GOOD LUCK and I can hardly wait.
My brother has a 2000 Toyota Tacoma Pre-runner with stock coil-overs but he added some spacers on the coils. He has stock leaf-springs though. Would this still be a stock classed truck?
Also, are you going to be checking for current registration or just a liscense-plate? He also has a 78 Dodge that he wants to race but its not current.
I am wondering what us Media Personel are going to do. Will we have access to passes so that we can get a better shot? Also, I will be filming all of the event if your interested in an official Sand-Blast video to sell.

Thanks for all that you two are doing for this sport. I hope to see a huge entry list for the race.


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i have a question. can a truck with long travel run in the mainly stock class or can you only upgrade your shocks to like saw-a-ways. Also can a tacoma with the sway-a-way coil over kit that give you like 2 inch of lift run in the mainly stock class. thanks for the info i cant wait to run my truck in that i am going to be racing just for the fun of it. thanks