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Sand Blast Pictures Are Up!


What A Joke
I now have the pictures from the Sand Blast up. I tryed to post all the ones with "airshots".

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.pencilart.com/sandblast>http://www.pencilart.com/sandblast</A>

Sorry not all of them are the best but there are a lot of good ones!

Go Big Or Go Home


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Thanks to everyone who got pictures up from the Sand Blast...I didn't take a single picture all day, which is really unusual for me! Everyone did a great job in recording the event! If anyone else gets pictures up let me know so I can put a link on our site. Thanks!

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What A Joke
Jen, Please email me your mailing address so I can send you a VHS copy of the video!

Go Big Or Go Home


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Does anybody know who owns the white Chevy Full size(Short bed, Reg. Cab, glass on the front) that was at the Sand Blast? I saw a picture of it and want to know some info on it.


Krittro Campbell
Its on one of the videos from Austin's website. You cant really tell anything happened.


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John Bitting

Ricky K. He works for Donahoe.. Cal Super trucks long travel kit. Glassworks fenders, 2by2.net sticker on the flared bed, baja t/a's.. Anything else you will have to get from him