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Sand Show


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I will be there tonight. You might want to go to the Alumicraft booth to see a really neat car called the predator. It has a LS1 Corvette twin turbo charged motor (800+HP) with the most outrageous paint job you will even see.



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Is that the car that was there last year. I can't remember who's booth it was in but it was red with a Budweiser paint theme. Not my thing but the artwork was very impressive. I went last year and noticed an ever increasing intensity level in the paint schemes. Some of those guys probably had $10k in paint work and airbrushing. I don't think I'll make it this year. Maybe somebody can take some pictures and post them next week.

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I'll be there tonight too - Looking into the long-travel cars, anybody with an opinion on what to look for? What's good and proven? Yet not a fortune - around 25k is OK. Needs to be 4 seater (kids), looking for more dependability vs all out radical, it's for the wife (yea right!). Any help sorting things out would be great.


If Sand Limo by Joe Fab is there (they were there last year) talk to them about a rolling chasis. They had a package deal last year that was everything except motor and trans for $13,500. It seems like a sweet deal. It came with a four-seater chasis, beards, CNC brakes, Alum wheels and paddles, Rack an Pinon (Joe Fab has their own brand), King shocks, any many others I forgot. If you had another 10,500 for your motor and trans, you could have one heck of a dune runner! Also Alumicraft in El Cajon are pretty sweet.




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I'll be there tonight also, kurt me and my dad bought a pair of extreme performance rails last season we are really happy with them and their not to crazy 18" of travel no bypass shocks they offer a turn key for around 22k talk to Allen Nimmo, all i can say is look at alot of cars berfore you put down a deposit.

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Kurt, Sand Limo is out here. Their shop is only a couple of miles from my house. They have some pretty nice stuff in the shop. Should be plenty of seating available to get you here. Off to the Rally in the rental!



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watch out with Unlimited RPM I bought a 9 grad 13B turbo rotory engine, never ran right (with many trip back). It blew up on the 5th trip out and he walk away. Not even I will see what I can do.

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I am going to try and make the show tomorrow. I want to look at trailers and just check everything out, Oh yeah and get brochures for Junior.... Hope to see some of our readers there. I will be wearing an RDC t-shirt(imagine that)....


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i still want one of those damn shirts....and some stickers, too. alright, where do i send my check????


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Damn! I didn't win the Funco rail. I was hoping that I would get a call on Sun telling me that I won , oh well, it went to a good cause anyway. Extravagant is the only
word to describe the show. Some of those rails must be in the 6 digit range. There were cars with leather beards and entertainment systems not to mention the awesome
paint jobs. The most extravagant item had to be the $139 cup holder. The show had a lot of nice cars and it was a really big turnout.

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Gabe Lara

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ALOT of high dollar toys... I especially liked the green rail that the Fortin's had over in their booth. One of the cleanest I have ever seen....
It was great to see such a good turnout, and everyone having a good time.

And Mustafa, you gotta dig those $139 cup holders!


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Someone please post a photo of the $139 cup holder! I have got to see that.

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Here's the address: http://www.bcsystems.ws/</A> BTW it's a "beverage containment system" and not a cupholder. I stand corrected.

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ok, i know this is over two years late, but what the hell... if anyone wants info on these, PM me and ill give you the heads up



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Too early in the morning for this s$$t
Was trying fo figure out why a 2yr old post
with my name on it poped up!