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Just got back from the Sandsports SUPER Show, it is awesome. One company has two buggies hanging 20 feet up in the air suspended over there booth. How they got a permit for this is a wonder. Also they are serving alcohol which has made it quite a party. The paint jobs on some of these sand cars are unbelievable! The show starts at 9am tomorrow and goes to 7pm. Oh and I forgot to say you can pick up your Desert People DVD! See you tomorrow!

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I agree,

The car hanging from the ceiling is juat awesome. The whole display looks like its a concert or nightcllub. Perhaps someone can post a picture.


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It's at the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds. And YES, it runs Sunday also. but only 9am to 3pm.

There is some SERIOUS eye candy there.

$8 Adult Admission, Kids 12 and Under FREE!

For more info, check out: <A target="_blank" HREF=></A>

See you there!

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Serious Eye Candy indeed!!! Also lots of sandrails and stuff to look at too! The "Extreme" Sandrail booth was way cool with the cars hanging from the roof. Got the new dezpeople dvd and watched it on the way home from the show last night - awesome as always with some cool new footage. Hooked up a couple of buddies with PCI Scott and they spent about 4-5k getting thier buggies all out fitted with GPS, intercom, radios, etc.. One of the guys just got his buggy built by Funco and it is on display at their booth, it's the American Flag paint scheme one, last night was the 1st time he saw it fully completed, needless to say he is stoked!