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Sandparts.com aka Alpine Sand Toys


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35 days since I ordered parts and not one contact from these people. Have left contless emails, voicemails, FB messages and nothing from them but a bogus your order was shipped message with no tracking number, contacted them about that as well thirty seconds after I got it and yet no contact.
Posted a negitive review on their FB about all this and have had four or five guy contact me about same issue. So couple grand in at least with us and who knows from there.
I have filed with the Federal Trade Commision and am waiting their response on next steps which I believe is to file with my Police and California District Attorney for internet fraud charges.
If anyone knows these people let them know you saw this. I just want my freakin money back no parts just money. I dont wanna deal with all this legal bs.....


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I ordered my parts October 29....

Please have a look at this link
Look at the fax number…
Information about the fax number is not on the webpages of CTS.
I called CTS on phone number 888-483-5486 and started asking questions about Chris, Sandparts and the phone/fax numbers I found by googling.
He then told me he bought the company (Sandparts) two days ago, and the previous owner got some personal problems. Bla bla bla.
He logged into the sandparts ordering systems, found my order and everything I had ordered. The status of the order was shipped, but there was no tracking information.
He said he needed two days to talk to the previous owner. If my parts was not sent, he would refund what was charged to my credit card. That is 4 days ago now…
Yesterday I sent him a message to sales@sandparts.com and a message from the web form at cabletechsolutions.com.

Then I did some more googling..
Look at the company contact, Is this the same person as chris@sandparts.com?
I think so...


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I did search some more.. and found some interesting linked in and facebook profiles
I therefore do not think the name in the last link in my previous post has anything to do with sandparts.com

Cable Tech Solutions LLC
1347 Tavern Road
Alpine, CA 91901 - View Map
Phone: (888) 483-5486
Dale Bourgeois, Principal
Vice President at TekWorks Inc

Interesting name…When you know who Chris@sandparts.com is

Chris Bourgeois, "Owner for sandparts.com"

Maybe someone in Chis' family bought the company?


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I was the owner of Sandparts.com from 2007 to 2014. I sold the company and that owner was not able to keep up with the business.

As of January 1st 2015 a new Owner has taken over. Dale has been in constant contact with me since January 1st 2015. Please email Dale so he can work out the details of your order.

When I owned the business we shipped to Norway monthly if not weekly and I am truly sorry that Expectations were not met. Please give Dale a chance to resolve your issue and earn your trust.



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Finally I got some feedback, and it is from Dale on a new new e-mail address: shop@sandparts.com
The web shop is now running again, but I had to create a new account.

Some parts are now shipped a few days ago, still waiting for the tracking number for these and some are being shipped now, got the tracking number for these.
There are also some parts that are no longer available, and Dale has answered that he will refund the money for these parts.

I now hope this will be solved


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I dont know who owns it now but Alpine sand toys was owned by a cop. I met him in person years ago and he never failed on customer service.