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Sandy Parker remembered


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To whom it may concern, we lost veteran CORE member Sandy Parker this past
weekend to a fatal heart attack

I didn't know Sandy that well, but did enjoy reading his articles in Dusty Times,
I did chat with him quite a few times, I recently was over his house checking
out a vintage desert race buggy he just acquired. He was looking forward to
getting it running to let, I believe his nephews, cruse around in the desert in it

Anyway Sandy, you will be greatly missed

John Bitting

I have never met Sandy but have heard the name many times. Godspeed to him. I wish the family strength in this time of tragedy, Thanks Wayne...


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I met Sandy a few years back at the Kartek 400 when we used CORE for pit support. He was a truly great guy. I'm very sorry to hear about his passing.


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At the first MDR race last year, I met Sandy Parker at contingency, and he was the main reason I joined CORE at the time. Sandy was a great guy, always supportive and full of fun. After every meeting or race, you could always find Sandy hanging around bench racing and telling stories. Just last week I was going to running a pit with him at the MORE race, but we ended up getting split up. Now how I wish we could have spent that night together talking and bench racing. Off roading and CORE families lost a great man in Sandy Parker. God Speed and we will miss you.
Tim Lindsay


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Very sorry to hear of Sandy's passing. My sympathy to his family. He will be greatly missed. He always contributed to the good of our sport. GODSPEED.



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Services for Sandy Parker this Saturday, 21st, 1:00
Off of old hwy 58,
30908 Soap mine rd,
At the Chaple,behind Park Brothers towing, in Barstow
dress is casual