At the age of just eight years old, Sara Price started racing motocross and continued to do so throughout the years as a teenager. She would later achieve the title of the most winningest woman as an Amateur Motocross Champion with 17 amateur national championships. By the age of 16, she became rookie of the year and became the first female factory-supported athlete under Monster Energy and Kawasaki. Price would go on to win a medal at X Games and many other accomplishments in motocross. But at the height of her success, X Games halted women’s motocross, which meant a future in a motocross career was looking bleak. Sara was frustrated and unsure of what to do next. This became the beginning of what would be the start of her journey from two wheels to four. Little did she know she would find herself years later winning the Baja SCORE Championship in a Trophy Truck Spec.
This is Price’s journey from two wheels to four wheels...
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Great to see the girl power at work! great job girl.