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Sat phones?

Ok guys whats your opinions on SAt phones?which is the best? whats the cost? and where can i get one?

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Go with the Globalstar - by far the best choice for Baja. 99.999% of all those using SAT phones at this years Baja 1000 were on a Globalstar.

Our team used them and they were hugely valuable in providing communication. For the upcoming point-to-point Baja 1000 in 2002 they will even be more!!

Call Scott at PCI - he can set you up with the best deal out there and tell you the in's and out's of the phones.

His number is: 800-869-5636



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look around there are a lot of used ones around. Part of the sept 11 stuff. Good deals are not hard to find.


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Matt what problems have you had with your Globalstar phones? The Globalstar is a low orbit satellite system and the delay on Sat to Sat phone calls is twice as good as iridium. You can purchase either phone Globalstar or Iridium at PCI. We have a special on refurbished Globalstar phones, $549 for one or $499 for three or more. Mention the desert people and we will give you the $499 price. Sat phones are a deffinate advantage in the long races. Hope to see the air time come down soon, my rep says it will be lowered to .99 cents per minute in the near future. Klaus sorry for the shameless plug, but in my opinion Globalstar is superior to Iridium in the US and Mexico.

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Scott honestly phone for phone i like the Iridium better because of the outside antenna, and the better service it seems to have. THAT IS WITHOUT COMPARING PRICES OR RATE PLANS. I do agree sat phones are the ONLY WAY TO GO for the long races. We have used are phones many times and will continue to use them until something better comes out. At the Baja 1000 I did get a chance to use both phones and do I prefer the Iridium over the Globalstar.......
Thats just my 2cents.
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I've had globalstar for 2 years and it works great, I had the in car kit put in my protruck and when I preran the baja 2000 it was like I was at home with people calling all the time. I'm using the iridium phone at Dakar because globalstar doesn't work in Africa, I have the data kit for iridium and if you wait until the end of jan. I'll tell you if it worked well enough for data to consider. I have been told it is going to be painfully slow. Globalstar data is pretty good.


I represent allroadcommunications.com, we have about 50 globalstars GSP 1600, and 15 Iridium 9505a phones left for rent , please call Summer at 888-884-7623 to reserve yours, Globalstar will cost you $29.99 each week, Iridium will cost you $69.99 per week