Satellite Phones for Off-Road Racing

In off-road racing, communication is paramount. When communication breaks down, you can have all kinds of issues. Nowadays we are so used to using phones, text messages, and email. Whether it’s during a race or pre-running, when you are in are remote locations cut off from cellular service and the rest of the world, it’s really challenging to communicate. Race radios, which have long been the backbone of communication in off-road racing, have limited range and can’t transmit data.

In the last few years, satellite phones have become cheaper, easier to use and have the ability to transmit data. Fair warning – you’re not going to want to go on a Netflix binge at the current data rates – but for managing web and email communication to keep business operations going, data pricing is reasonable.

We linked up with to breakdown what solution might be best for you.

Satellite Phones for Off-Road Racing -

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