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Saturday top5 winners per class


Pro 4 Division

Carl Renezeder

Troy Herbst

Josh Baldwin

Curt LeDuc

Marty Coyne

Pro 2 Division:

Todd LeDuc

Steve Barlow

Scott Douglas

Travis Coyne

Andrew Wehe

Pro-Lite Division:

Jeff Kincaid

Chad Hord

Robert Naughton

Rodrigo Ampudia

John Marking

Super Buggy Division:

Steve Krieman

Jeff Elrod

Corry Heynen

Ken Schertzer

Krissy Sullivan

Single Buggy Division:

John Grossini

Jeff Knupp

Kevin Walsh

Kevin Graves

Troy Morgan

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Ramsey_ElWardani said:
Interesting to note that in Pro 2 and 4 the top five guys were ALL DESERT RACERS!
You're correct. The "desert" racers had a bit better LUCK this time.....

Who Cares? They're all RACERS, not desert or short-course. Lets not segregate the two.

The fastest times of the weekend were from CORR regulars, like Johhny Greaves, Rick Huseman, Evan Evans, Scott Taylor, Jeff Kinkaid, Chad Hord. Carl Renezeder had the third fastest lap time in Pro 4, and Todd LeDuc had thord fastest lap time in Pro-2.