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Say hello to Charlotte. My 73 K5

Does this have coil in cap h.e.i.? Slim chance but it could be the module or pick up coil. Slap a parts store dizzy in it. Before tear down . Might get lucky. I had a bad msd box take out the guts of my dizzy 3 times before I got smart and junked the mad. I had similar symptoms. Not exactly the same but, might get you going before the weekend. If you have msd throw it in the trash or sell it to some kid .lol.
No MSD. I'm not going to push it just to take her to KoH and then blow her up out there in the middle of nowhere.
I'll get her fixed right, then go out and play. Hopefully before San Felipe.

Working on getting things right, then I'll set up the Sniper EFI system to control timing.
Still kind of limping around right now. Just back and forth to work when I have to take it. Should have the wife's truck back and complete by the end of the weekend. Then I'm going to pull the motor and go thru it all. If I find any issues other than the top end, thinking of going ahead then and doing a 383 stroker build on it.
NGK. TR35 I think it is. Don't remember. But found them when I was doing research for the correct length plug for the heads.
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NGK in Chevy!? AC man!

lol! Just kidding, But i had a bad experience with Champion plugs once (Once! When I was a teenager! Never bought that crap again!) So I always ask.
With all the research I did trying to find one long enough to put the full tip into the chamber, I was surprised that AC didn't have one. Or I couldn't find it. I found very few that were the correct reach. Went thru several different ones from the parts store. They thought I was weird buying one spark plug of different types/brands. Once I told them why, they understood.

The NGK has a 18 MM reach, almost 3/4 of an inch. And the threads just reach the end of the threaded hole, which puts the tip completely in the combustion chamber, so no shrouding of the spark.
I was trying to find some E3 plugs that would work but couldn't find any.
Champions are trash. Bosch is trash. Ngk or denso all the way. Look on n.g.k. website. They have a chart showing all the specs. Makes the one plug at a time game easier.
So I started preping the motor to pull it in the morning. Got everything done but taking off the hood and pulling the motor.
Found #7 & 8 plugs are black sooty. So my issues may be in there somewhere.
I'm going to go completely thru the motor though.
Black and sooty is unburned fuel. Many variables contribute to this. It isn't always a rich condition. Especially with it localized to one or two cylinders. So in this case no. Not fuel.
Got the motor out and on the stand this morning. Found a few minor things in #8 cylinder. Pulled the lifters and found this. #8 exhaust is toast. Cam is probably wiped to. Still going to pull the pistons and look at them.
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Wiped the cam. But the pistons are all good.
New cam and lifters, gaskets, bearings and rings, quick hone and shou lo d be good to go.
Yea, now to decided on a new cam. Old one was the same as a summit 1102. Thinking maybe go roller. Looking for good low to mid torque up to say 4500RPM.
Motor pulled good up to 6K RPM.