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Scale race trucks


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Here are my 2 10th scale race trucks…. 2 inches of suspension travel all around. Emulsion coil over shocks at all four corners… Independent suspension front and rear, 2-wheel drive, and limited slip diffs.

Too bad they’re only 10th scale.. lol. If the were scaled up 10 times… 5 inch shocks, top speed of around 400 mph. Jumps of over a hundred feet high would be no problem, and they would only cost 3 grand. Does anyone here race them? I’ve seen 2 guys from the Baja shop at the track before. Cya
<img src=http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=443209&a=13666399&p=53259881&Sequence=0&res=high>
<img src=http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=443209&a=13666399&p=53259884&Sequence=0&res=high>
<img src=http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=443209&a=13666399&p=53259879&Sequence=0&res=high>
<img src=http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=443209&a=13666399&p=53259878&Sequence=0&res=high>

If these pictures are too big or there are too many lemme know, i'l re size them.


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Hey Bigworm,(you should post your real name)
My brother & i have a lot of RC car stuff , we both have RC10s like the one
you have posted,but not as clean! my brother also has a monster truck(built pretty much from scratch) & also a RC helecopter & some vintage Tamia cars

I will have to take some PICs of the RCs & post them here, Im sure a lot of other
folks here have RC stuff also, so if you got them, it would be cool to see them
posted in this tread.

Gabe Lara

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I have a few friends twisting my arm to buy an RC again.....They are running the Traxxas Nitro Rustlers. They're fast AND cheap. Runnin around $350-$400 for the complete set-up, radio, everything......turnkey!
I used to run an RC-10 years ago, so I'm a bit partial to the Associated name.

Ever take them to a BMX track? You can pull some sick stuff there!


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Hehe....Rc has come a long way from the rc10. They're cheaper and faster now..Associated has a RC10GT ready to run out for a reasonable price.



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I have been thinking about getting one of these, use to them back in the early 90's. How troublesome are the gas ones to keep running? I hated having to always charge the batteries.


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I guess RC stuff obsoletes pretty quick!
check out attached PIC of some of our little cars(the white RC10 has some
fresh Lucrene valley silt on it from last weekend)


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Wayne the two on the right are some old ones . i haven't seen anything like them in a long time .


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My boys, now 19 and 22, have five or six of the old ones between them. They still run and they get them down out of the closet every once in a while. They kind of lost interest when they discovered girls and got full size cars and trucks.


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I used to race my Losi 10th scale gas truck at The Ranch Pit Shop with Mike Smith and Larry Plank. Once in awhile Nancy LeDuc would bring the boys out as well.

Too bad the Losi's closed it down. Still have two GTX's.

Reese King

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Curtis Guise

I have a RC10GT, I haven't used it in over a year though. To answer the question about gas engines, they seem to be pretty reliable to me. And you would not believe how fast they can go. I went with the bigger engine when I bought it (of course :) ) If that thing hits one little bump when full throttle it will pull a wheel stand for days... The only thing I regret is not getting the pull start engine. I think they are supposed to be easier to deal with on starting, but for racing it seems what I have is the choice of people that are into racing more. I guess because of weight.
I am thinking about selling it if anyone is interested.

Juice Designs


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Allow me to make a suggestion; We have Pro-Dirt, Pro-1600, and the Mini Metal Bash as current forums for drivers that compete in those classes. How about we hold and amateur RC-10/Nitro/Traxxas event in Primm. It could be a pun on the organized classes that are running selected events. Entry fee could be 5.00, free round at the tree bar, or any other form of ante. I'm sure we could separate the electric cars from those powered by nitro and those than have increased travel over the other vehicles. If we could get a show of hands I'm sure this would be a blast.


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wayne: Nice collection...some t2's...an esp clodbuster..and are those frogs on the right?

Clifford: that would be fun to race rc @ a full scale race..paint the body of your rc to match yer full sized ride.

jdfab: can you e-mail me about that gt.. i'm interested in maybe buying it. RcFreak85@aol.com

Gary: nice t3.


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Hey Doug,
No on the Frogs, they are original Tamia sand scorchers

Here is a closeup on the Highly modified Clodbuster
We have always wanted to race the T2s, but the local RC tracks wont
let us bring in the support helocopter! :eek:)



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Well right before I started reading this I was working on a new body for my Traxxas T-MAXX.
I'm going with the Hummer body. It's gonna be sweet. I'll try to post up a pic when it's done.
It will be like this one, but blue --> <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.pro-lineracing.com/proline/large/3104.jpg>http://www.pro-lineracing.com/proline/large/3104.jpg</A>
(hit F5 or Refresh if it doesn't come up the first time, it doesn't for me)

BTW the T-MAXX is all the rage around here lately. We got some guys meeting on the weekends
down on Chapman and Gilbert (behind the BofA) in Garden Grove to race their trucks around
a hand-built track. It's got about a 15 foot double that you can clear w/ a T-MAXX if you hit it at
about 30-35mph. Any of you guys wanna meet up there sometime lemme know.


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i've also got a t-maxx..it has a .21.. although its out of comission right now. Might have to hit up that track... i'm pretty close to it....shoot me an e-mail with some pics of yer truck