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Scarroni Excursion


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Could any of you that has just arrived back from the TT250 please post a photo of the new race Excursion that Scorroni had there. That ride should be a huge!

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Aloha from an SMD crew member. I will be posting a few more pictures but the first few can be found at <A target="_blank" HREF=http://home.pacbell.net/tak-bsc/SMD_Motorsports.html>http://home.pacbell.net/tak-bsc/SMD_Motorsports.html</A>.

I also have some great "after" pictures from the Protruck's wild ride. E-mail me directly if you want to see them.


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There aer more pix of the Excursion at "go-desert.com".
That thing looks awsom!!!

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hey that thing just ran this last weekend at the fud200. its got a big diesel engine in it, it throughs all kinds of black smoke when he stands on it. pretty cool.


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Diesel? Just bought one and I'll never go back to gas!
Question: Is it a TURBO DIESEL? If so, how is that allowed per the SCORE rule book?

Just wondering, not trying to start anything!


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It is a single turbo diesel. It runs as a stock-full for SCORE. Since it is a standard motor, it is legal. It produces monster torque but still has enough top-end to pull people on the lake beds when geared for it.

By the way, not only is it SCORE and BITD legal, but for the TT 250 at least it was STREET legal. It was running the factory emissions/chip.


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Re: Scarroni Excursion @ Fud 200

It was smoking something out the front fenders at this last weekends FUD race..?