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Status Report: Governor Davis – Southern California Edison (SCE) Deal / Conservation Easement
Friday, July 28, 2001

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Governor’s fax: 916-445-4633
Governor’s comment line: 916-445-2841

Dear Off Road Friends:

As you know, CLORV asked all Off-Roaders to send a letter to Governor Gray Davis, opposing the Conservation Easements in SB2X 78.

The legislature did not meet last Friday, to pass this bill, as was roumored. They have adjourned until August 20 when they will again take up the bill.

In SB2X 78, the environmental extremists have set up a very complex system, which in the final analysis will shut down any off roading that exists on the land SCE proposed to transfer to the state. In essence, it “locks up the land.”

This SCE deal will be the top issue when the Legislature reconvenes after legislative redistricting.

The situation will be very fluid since the legislature has only four weeks in which to deal with the SCE issue.

The bill numbers may be changing and pieces of other bills may or may not be amended into a bill. Aside from bill numbers changing, the Conservation Easement section may be amended in various ways and ultimately the bill(s) may not even pass the Legislature.

Because of this fluid situation, <font color=yellow>Off Roaders need to keep the pressure on the Governor and and the Legislature and continue sending in the attached letter to the Governor so that he knows that we oppose the current easement no matter what bill it is in and in what form it shows up in. Our message to the Governor, “Oppose. End of story.”</font color=yellow>

CLORV is working with other groups such as Timber and Farm interests to defeat this easement lock up.

The current section in the bill is Section 12, not Section 13.

Once again, we strongly urge you to please send your letters as soon as possible. The more letters the Governor’s office receives, the better chance we have in influencing the final drafting of this legislation.


Pete Conaty
Executive Director, CLORV

P.S. Since we have been given more time to deal with this situation, if you have time, please also email your Legislators as well as these key Legislators: Senators Burton, Alpert, Polanco, Sher, Peace, Bowen, Dunn, Morrow, Johnson, Pochigian and Costa.</A>

And on the Assembly side, Keeley, Reyes, Florez, Bill Campbell, Pescetti, Kelley, Wright, Zettle, Correa, Maddox, La Suer and Matthews.

These links go directly to CLORV website where you can use our direcory or link directly to the Senate or Assembly websites. We will keep you updated on this situation as it progresses. Thank you again for all of your support.


<font color=red>Again, we stress, DO NOT send this as an attachment, the members ofices do not accept them. Paste it into the body of the email you send.</font color=red>

Letter to the Governor

August 1, 2001

The Honorable Governor Gray Davis
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Davis:

We are opposed to SBX2 78 by Senators Polanco and Sher in its current form. We understand and appreciate your hard work on solving California’s energy crisis. We know that this bill is to implement the Memorandum of Understanding that you negotiated with Southern California Edison during this difficult time.

However, we must oppose Section 12 dealing with Conservation Easements as currently drafted. This section results in the locking up of all Southern California Edison lands. This section makes the Secretary of the Resources Agency the Czar of the land in this easement and eliminates local control over land use issues.

Section 12 will result in eliminating current human recreation opportunities, including current off roading opportunities. It also sets a dangerous precedent for future land conservation easements.

Additionally, this section will do the following:
Cause the loss of a centralized, environmentally sustainable tourism access point to land in the Sierra.
Cause the loss of $5 million in direct land and property tax and sales tax revenues anticipated on the completion of the Shaver Lake project.
Cause the loss of up to 400 permanent jobs and $8-10 million in local annual payroll.

In addition, the proposed California State University Fresno Sierra Center for Education and Research will probably not be built. This will be a great loss to students of all ages as well as all Californians.

For reasons stated above, please do not sign this legislation until Section 12 is totally rewritten or eliminated.

Thank you for your consideration.


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