SCORE 2021 Schedule


Before KOH - The dates will be official in the next week or so for the first part of the BITD schedule. Should be the week before. Not optimal but better than how it was 2 years ago.
Wait, like a full week? Like I can go to Parker, do my thing, go home, repack for KOH and be there for early move in?


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TT for spectators are probably the biggest factor but there's a lot of other classes that are just as excited to race as you are to watch. Personally why would a class 10 guy care about when KOH is? I do understand that the big money is put into TT programs, but theres a lot of entry fee money that comes from other classes and the people involved with those classes. Maybe they should figure a work around or KOH change their dates? I personally like the earlier 250/500. The 1000K needs to be rethought.
I could pick this whole comment apart, but why would a class 10 guy care about KOH? Perhaps you missed that there will likely be a class 10 vs. 1 vs. 6100 shoot-out at KOH 2021, with more exposure and purse than the rest of the season combined for those classes.


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B500 and school graduations are always an issue for me ,mid May would be fine . Would two weeks after T Giving make people happy for the B1k ?


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Also, other than the San Felipe race, no mention of any other starting places. I have heard rumors that the current mayor of Ensenada does not like off roaders, Maybe it's true?

This is the truth, not a rumor.


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In case nobody has noticed.... Nothing at SCORE is set in stone right now. Besides the fact they do not have confirmation for where any of the races for the next year and a half are starting other than San Felipe races. Their dates seem to be a lot like throwing darts and just see if they stick long enough to make it happen.

It is a lot cooler in Mexicali during April than June so that might have a lot to do with the date change maybe. Also I am just ASSuming that maybe the reason for the early San Felipe date might be incase there is no racing down south this year, they can get started early next year.

IMO the way SCORE is going about doing their dates I think is only going to hurt them at this point. If I was having to make a team schedule that has to deal with sponsor obligations I would choose the other organizations if there was conflicting dates. The way SCORE has approached every race this year has proven that nothing can be relied on for being factual. At some point I think they need to just be more transparent and if dates are tentative it should be public knowledge instead of continuing to expect thousands of people to keep rearranging their lives/schedules for dates that are hopes and not real. Confidence level of the info and dates they put out was lost the third time they waiting until just weeks before the event "hope" date and then rescheduling everything else AGAIN.

I personally do not think that the reason the races are not being ok'ed out of Ensenada right now is just because of the Mayor not liking off-road. If you just use your google translate to monitor the news down there you can see covid confidence in Ensenada area is low. Even though Mexicali and TJ seem to be getting it a little more under control, Ensenada and south are continuing at a steady pace for the most part. That is why even though Mexico City gave Baja the clear to change to orange level for this week, Baja government said no they are staying red for a little longer. No matter how much the Ensenada mayor dislikes off-road (if he really does hate it), I dont see him keeping the millions of dollars that come down for a race especially now. I think it is more of a matter that A LOT of people are not allowed to work right now because of the Rona, so it would be hard to justify bringing thousands of people down for tourism that "could" make their case worse.



It's the second largest public land use permit in the USA. There are over 40k people who come from around the country and actually the world to go to this week long event with stuff going on for 7 days straight. It is the most spectator friendly event in the entire sport. And Dave had the dates first. SCORE stepped on their dick this time.

Also, its just the 250...
But it won't be "just the 250" to big dollar teams that want to start up front at the 500. Notice there is no qualifying for the 500? That's because the finishing order of the 250 will determine the starting order for the 500. If you want to start up front in TT/ TT Spec, UL and possibly class 10, you will need to finish up front at the 250. Same deal applies to the 400/1000.



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It very well could be that this "Schedule" release was simply a way to stir the pot and get everyone talking about SCORE again. Give them time, they will probably change the dates back to the long standing dates.

I know there is competition between the series, but in my opinion there doesn't need to be, at least not much anyway. SCORE, BITD, and KOH have used roughly the same dates for their races for many many years. And while there has been some conflict occasionally, for the most part the teams that race both series could make it work. I know SCORE believes they are the "premiere" desert racing series in the world, but they are not the only minnow in the ocean. And when a number of the class (TT) that brings you the most exposure also races other series due to sponsor obligations and media exposure, it doesn't make sense to crowd the dates of other organizations because that only hurts your number one exposing class.

No offense to the other classes, but the reality of it is, all the orgs need to cater to the classes that bring them the most exposure. These classes bring the most crew members, most fans, and the most sponsors which in turn brings more exposure for the promoter and in turn helps the promoter procure future racing venues.

The issue here clearly lies on the shoulders of SCORE, since they are the ones changing their long standing dates. I hope that there is a legitimate reason for doing so and not just trying to step on other organization's toes.


I would love nothing more than for the 500 and 1000 to start out of Mexicali. The Estero beach fiasco has killed tech for me in Ensenada.


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Lets see what the dates are for the SF-250.
2010- March 13th
2011- March 12th
2012- March 11th
2013- March 9th
2014- March 2nd
2015- Jan 24th
2016- Feb 27th
2017- April 1st
2018- April 7th
2019- April 6th
2020- No Race COVID 19
2021- Feb 13th

So what is the date for the SF-250 that everyone likes? Is it February, March or April because in the last 10 years it's been in these months.


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Just a saw an interview on Facebook with the Mayor of Mexicali Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, where she says there's GREEN LIGHT for the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 in San Felipe for this 2020... The RACE is ON.

This is my personal especulation for 2021 it's clearly where are going to see San Felipe host the 250 and 400 (maybe), Mexicali the 500 and 400 (Maybe) and Tijuana or Mexicali - La Paz for the Baja 1000.

1995 Baja 1000 race course bypasses the Municipality of Ensenada in a larger part till south of San Felipe, Starting in Tijuana goes through Tecate and Mexicali.