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John Bitting

Since I am not a Score Member I cannot vote, if I could I would vote Paige Donahoe for Sportsman of the Year. She heads up C.O.R.D.R., attended almost every dac, wemo, and land grab meeting. Has been to Sacramento twice for state politics, managed the clean up, the treasurer of Corva. She works close with all race organizations especially SCORE on land use issues. Paige has done a lot for this sport to ensure that our desert stays open for many more years to come, all this while maintaining a full time job, a marriage, and helping out with Donahoe Racing Enterprises. She has Race-Dezert.com’s support and always will. Show her yours..


This has got to be the best idea yet. Paige has my vote and I will mention it to everyone on the S&S team. Thanks Paige.


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Thats cool John...



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Yeah, she's the only one in here that seems to be following the Eco-Nazi's every move.


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Hell, I'm a SCORE OFFICIAL, Paige your a sweet heart! You got my VOTE! If it wasn't you and all your hard work organizing the "Clean-up" in a place where only a handful of locals just use the OHV area as a DUMP! We call it a little chunk of heaven. Thanks Paige and all your "STORM TROOPERS" did a great job there in Barstow! Truly I wish that I was there.
My vote is for YOU!
Art "The TECH DUDE" Savedra