SCORE - Baja 1000 website & coverage is HORRIBLE!


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Fact: If SCORE struck an exclusive deal with CBS Sports to cover their events, then we are lucky to get George Anthill and SCORE Live...
The CBS deal is a time buy. SCORE commits to the block of time then sells the ad space to cover it. The cost of providing the production depends on the structure of the deal. On time buys there is generally no media embargo clause.


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And I think it is important to separate live coverage from a TV special buy. Two absolutely different animals.


RDC made it happen this year. The big take away here is SCORE has impeded this kind of coverage rather than help foster it.
You do know I was on the 15 RDC Dakar crew right? I work with lots of outlets, not just SCORE. I've tried to stay positive here but your not going to budge from your line of rhetoric. What you think you know is far from reality, to quote you - "out of your scope" Lot's of stuff in the works but you'll probably hate on that too.
I'm done- peace out.


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This thread has turned into this:

The real question is SCORE, not SCORE plus this site, Caselli Foundation and rouge folks that stream Weatherman are responsible for race day coverage? Is SCORE a race organizer or race promoter?

SCORE has recently set the bar pretty low if they consider themselves a race promoter.