SCORE / BITD Insurance or lack of.....

Baja Dad

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Score use to have GREAT insurance when Sal owned it.
Back in 1990 I crashed and had to be helied to SF airport then on a fixed wing to Brown field in San Diego then in a ambulance to Scripps.
I had a few surgery stayed in the Hospital for 10 days then a 3 hour ambulance ride home.
Score's covered it all but $500

J Prich

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Would be really handy to have someone put something together that showed what each org (SNORE, BITD, and SCORE) actually covered...the real details. Dollar amounts, etc. And also would be helpful to remind race teams that their crews aren't covered, that volunteer course workers aren't covered (assuming neither are). It might seem like a no brainer but my guess is it's something that a lot of people don't think about.
Great topic guys, and ironic that it popped up now, exactly when the girlfriend and I were taking a look at what our coverage actually covers being from Canada and racing in the States.

For those Canadians interested - thus far we've found out that Blue Cross won't cover any motorsports related injury treatment, however Manulife will (internationally). This is individual person. Looking into team/car/crew coverage for the future.

Thanks for sharing those details for U4 Dave. Helps fill some info gap!


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Right Now would also be a great time for everyone to log onto and make a contribution to the FastAid general fund. I can tell you first hand that they were the first ones to call me when all hell was breaking loose and offer immediate support with no red tape until the insurance $$ kicked in. If your a racer , navigator, pit crew you owe it to yourself to have FastAid in your corner.