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Phil Schuyler

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First off let me state that this years 1000 was the only experience I have with SCORE. Maybe what I'm going through is the norm. Based on reading this forum I get the impression SCORE is not very well run.

During the race we had a guy back home watching the tracker and texting us updates of our bike location as well as current race position. It was pretty exciting being told we were advancing positions as the race progressed. We waited at the finish for our bike thinking we were in first. You can imagine our disappointment when a bike in our class showed up first.

Now I'm fully aware that it was naive of us to think that the Stella tracker would be totally accurate. That's not what this post is about.

The reason for me writing is to express frustration with SCORE for not publishing VCP and Physical Check times. Near San Felipe we were down about 1:20 on the bike that would eventually win by only 6 minutes. I'd love to see the data so I can try and determine where we made up so much time. Was it because the leader had a major problem? Did we incrementally gain on them?

When I asked SCORE via email the response from Jose Grijalva was: "Hello, other competitors data has always been and will still be confidential."

I've asked the reason for this with no response. If he had said something like "We don't have the staff to answer such a request." I could understand this.
Saying that it needs to remain confidential sounds like I'm asking for medical records.

Any thoughts people?



As far as the tracking, sorry you're new to score but the tracking is the best it has ever been. That doesn't mean you can count on it though. Everyone has the same issues. So you know, score ops has a much more detailed view on their version.

As far as the checkpoint info being private I dunno. That seems a bit strange to me. I wonder why it's secret.

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RanchoPacific Motorsports

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Did you guys have a problem before San Felipe? That seems like a lot to be down in the first 200 miles.


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not so sure on how detailed, and close they watch it. the winning vintage(crossed the finish line in under official time) trailered from like 3 hundred something, Didn't think you could trailer much of the course at all. With the super tracker it should show all splits public right away. I don't see how the public feed would be so much off from official. Anytime we cam across someone that had it on for stuck or mechanical in our driving turns it went off when we crossed there rear bumper, not impressed.


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Check point times were never secret in the past. In fact, they were given out to anyone who asked. Why would something that is visually open to ANYONE in the public during the event (if you had the ability to watch every tracker and write down times when it passed a check point) suddenly be secret after the race?

Baja Dad

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All tracking should be posted for all to see!

It would keep everyone honest!