SCORE CR 33 - How close did you read it?


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I was looking thru the score rulebook and found something interesting that I was not aware of . . .

CR33 Roll Cages (2011 pg 31)- This is the one that states tubing thickness' for weights of vehicles.

I was always under the impression that weight was governed by CR 41 WEIGHT. (2011 pg 40)
Weight shall be considered wet weight for closed course and dry weight for long course. (Dry weight is with all the fuel tanks drained.) Tools, spare tires, and parts must be removed, but otherwise the vehicle must be race ready. Roll cage weight will be as raced, minus fuel, as the vehicle sits on the starting line. Official weight will be considered weight shown on official scales.
But this appears to relate to class minimum weights.

In looking at it closer, there is a sentence in CR33 (top of page 33)

For the purpose of determining roll bar tubing sizes, vehicles weight is as raced, as sitting on the starting line, but without fuel and driver.

I was always under the imperession that the tubing thickness weight was the governed by the dry weight definition in CR 41. I am glad I have always erred on the safe size for tubing.
Just a heads up as I have read this over and over, and just came across this today . . .