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SCORE Drawing


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Any word on the drawing today for the laughlin race. How many were pre entered? What classes and Who?

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Jimmy, my neighbor said that it was today @ 4pm. He said there is a possibility that it could be cancelled if
there are not enoungh entries! Has anyone else heard that?


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I thnik so.........Sal wouldn't cancel anything.....this is desert racing not NASCAR! Wake up people, just go to the event of your choice! Parker or Laughlin....it's your choice........WHINNERS & DRUNKS stay home!

Art "The TECH DUDE" Savedra


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The drawing was held this evening. 11 Trophy Trucks pre entered. First off the line Ed Herbst, second Darrin Skilton in the new Kia, third Scott Steinberger. fourth ? Todd G., fifth Mark Post, sixth Baldwin 1, seventh Damen Jeffries, eighth Tim Herbst, ninth Baldwin 2, tenth Dan Smith, eleventh Brian Collins. This is second hand information from Jimmy at PCI who called Sue at Score as she was running out the door. Then I transscribed Jimmies cat scratch on a postit note to this board. Sorry for any mistakes. Sue will post the drawing ASAP. Also there were 10 Protrucks in the drawing.

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Todd G., possibly Todd Gattrell making a comeback?

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Lemme add to Art's comments..

For the Spectators..

Consider going to both events!

The Parker 400 Gauntlet area will provide some fine viewing experiences on Saturday. On Sunday, well "Laughlin" is Laughlin! and always epic to some degree.

We'll be at both events, starting on Thursday evening.



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Instead of flipping a coin to see who is driver of record for 2002 in the Herbst Trophy truck. They enter both Tim and Ed and best starting position off the line for Laughlin is driver of record. This is smart because it doubles there odds for a good starting position. My bet is on ED Herbst being driver of record this year. Good luck everyone.

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Scott Steinberger Trophy Truck #7


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From what I hear, Jim McKenzie will be racing his TT at Laughlin also. Anyone one else racing that you know of not on the entry list? BTW, good luck in Laughlin, hope to see you at the Laughlin Leap on Thursday nite.

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anyone know the schedule, classes, days. SCORE does not have then posted

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Right now Score's web site is a nonop. It starts up on the home page and the only place you can get to is the officials page.

Does anybody have any more info on who is racing in each class ?


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I am having the same problem with their website. I would like to see the complete pre entry list though with all of the classes.

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92 total entries if I counted correctly. I know of 2 racers going to Laughlin who didn't enter the drawing.

January 06, 2002 - 12:15:49
19 Ed Herbst
9 Darren Skilton
7 Scott Steinberger
23 Todd Gatrell
3 Mark Post
66 Josh Baldwin
10 Damen Jefferies
29 Tim Herbst
86 Jim Baldwin
1 Dan Smith
12 Brian Collins

296 Steve Olliges
299 Steve Barlow
242 Tony Licitra
270 Scott Steinberger
233 Gregory Hansen
217 Jim Stiles
255 Alan Pflueger
223 Jeff Dickerson
220 Chet Huffman
227 Steve Scaroni

101 Lobsam Yee
102 Dale Dondel
103 John Marking
104 Steve Sourapas
105 Scott McMillin
106 Wayne Lugo
107 Michael James
108 Larry McCallum
100 Troy Herbst
110 Dale Ebberts
111 Keith Cunningham
112 Cesar Fuentas
113 Andrew Myers
114 Willie Cummings

CLASS 1/2-1600:
1601 Brian Ickler
1602 David Scaroni
1603 Mitch Griffin
1604 Ken Browne
1605 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr.
1606 Kash Vessels
1607 Brian Jeffrey

500 George Seeley, Jr.

CLASS 5-1600:
551 Ruben Gutierrez, Jr.
550 Allan Gregory
553 Rob Taylor
554 Jeffrey Sack

701 Hector Salazar
702 Rick Taylor
703 Ernesto Cervantes
704 Michael Becker
700 Craig Turner
706 Gary Dircks

321 A.J. Rodriguez
722 Jamie Campbell
720 Doug Siewert
724 Jason Hutter
725 Eric Hardin

801 Nick Vanderwey
802 Jim Patelli
803 Beny Canela

901 Arturo Velazco

1001 Will Akrawi
1002 Mark Hutchins
1003 Martin Christensen
1004 Dennis Kordonowy
1005 Jason Hunter
1006 Steve Schmidt
1007 Dennis Hunter
1008 Allen Gibney, Jr.
1009 Rick Ellison
1010 Steve Myers
1011 Ron Brookshire
1012 Eli Yee
1013 Louis Grivas
1000 Ron Dalke
1015 Chris Harrold

1101 Scott Pellerin

1100 Eric Solorzano-1st RS

1201 Jeff Kawell
1202 Dan Worley
1203 Vic Bruckmann
1204 Tom Ridings
1205 Ken Stroud
1206 Shad Kennedy
1207 Eduardo Gonzalez
1208 David DeAtley

761 Robert Land
760 Macrae Glass

860 John Griffin

1401 George Jackson
1402 Jeff Buss


EXCELLENT! We will have two bitchen races! It will be a busy weekend but, so be it!

Bring it on!



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So it looks like Scott Steinberger is racing in both Pro-Truck and Trophy Truck. Dont they run these 2 classes at the same time normally. Or is the Pro-Truck entry a just in case the Trophy Truck wasnt done being prepped yet ?

John Bitting

They usually run protrucks with Trophys and 8 trucks. So he might have one of his other drivers like Dane take over the protruck. This is just a guess..


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Looks like Laughlin will have a good turnout around 100 cars. Looks like Parker will have around 200. Both races could have even been better. Hope things change for next year. I know a lot of teams, including ours, might have done both. I am a big laughlin fan. It is a great time to watch and race. My dad ran that one numerous times and always liked it. I hope ALL of the promoters can learn to work together. There are 52 weekends a year. I know we can resolve this doubling up some way.

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do mine eyes decieve me, or is that steve sourapas i see in the class 1 field? score races just wouldn't be the same to me without the corona buggy out there....


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Looks like it's gonna be a great race. I was looking at the number of protruck entries-8. Number of class 8 entries-3. Is it just me, or are we going to see Protrucks take over class 8? I see it as a cheaper, more driver talent friendly deal. Kinda like Nascar. Everybody runs the same stuff, best man/ woman wins. I don't wanna see class 8 go away, it's my fav, but the bang per buck issue certainly seems logical to me.


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