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SCORE has a brand new tracking system!


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I just received an e-mail from SCORE regarding a brand new tracking system to be used for the upcoming Baja 1000. Anyone know anything about it?

"A brand new system will be sent to you for pre-installing of the brackets and hardware.
Coming soon is a installation video for your team to attach the equipment properly."


In order to receive your kit for tracking, we need a shipping address to your team's shop or location of the race vehicle. Please send the address information to Krista via email or phone call, krista@score-international.com 775-852-8907.

It is important to get the information as soon as possible so that you can install the kit to your vehicle before the race. Kits will not be mailed until entry and kit is paid in full.

This kit is a one time fee that is yours to keep on your vehicle.

There will be a video for installation instructions will be released in the next two weeks.


Check your membership before the race! By making sure you have your membership will save you time at the race. If you have received your membership card, bring it with your. Memberships for 2016 will end on December 31st and 2017 memberships should be purchased before your first 2017 race.

Vehicle numbers can be reserved with Christine, please contact her at 702-407-3059.

If you need any assistance registering, please contact Krista at 775-852-8907, or krista@score-international.com


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I hope it's the racing trax unit BITD is using. That thing works perfectly and the ability to send text messages and emails through it makes it just about the best setup you could imagine.

Worked great on our truck at BWDC


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Looking at the SCORE website it looks like the new tracker is called "STELLA" post up if anyone has any info or experience with this.

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As stated above, Not the racing trax / Baja tracking. However if you would like to use this proven system along with whatever SCORE comes out with give DAVID a call. Baja Tracking ( racing trax ) will be in full force at this years 1000. Several teams have all ready ordered units. We have raced with it for going on 3 years now. It works and is a necessary tool to have while in Mexico. They have a rental program as well. Ask about that.
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hmmm. seems to be cellular based - hope not.
Satellite tracking
For offshore regattas in which your phone signal is not enough, eStela brings the possibility to broadcast the regatta using the Spot device. To get a Spot device, please visit the manufacturer website: https://www.findmespot.eu


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iirc it had a Stella type name but those listed above are not it, I will dig up the website....
BUT I am speaking of a baja/rally tracker sentinel type device NOT related to ROMTrax... I could be wrong but it will take a little bit of digging. I also saw a YouTube video of it in action,


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Why can't score just use racing trax. I'm not a fan of the price, and wish we could purchase the units then just pay "service" for each race, but can't complain about the way they work.

We finally have a system that everyone likes and it works. Why not just stick with it? A system we can use on both score and BITD. Maybe too much of a dream!


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No, that cannot happen...two of the biggest racing organizations working together to help the teams that pay entry fees to race for a hobby save money. That is just simply not allowed.


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I can't speak for SCORE, but we have been testing this system to use in Sonora Rally next March. It is a very impressive unit and is designed specifically for off road races and rallies. It has a lot of features for both the racers and the race promoter to make races safer, especially in events where you have both bikes and cars. The company ANUBE has been using this unit for several years in races in Europe and South America. They unit is proven technology approved bey the FIA and FIM. One delay in information is that all their website and promo material is in Spanish only. We are working with them to translate the materials ASAP.

Features include:
  • Vehicle to vehicle alarm
  • Iridium based coverage with ability to also use cellular coverage
  • LED screen for clear signal alerts(SOS, Danger, speed zone, VCP/waypoint, car approaching)
  • Siren for alerts
  • Transponder
  • Hard wired but backup 72 hour battery life
  • Internal GPS
  • Impact/rollover sensor
  • Internal memory
  • Short cut control
  • Logging of tracks travelled
  • Live timing and scoring for race organizer
  • Logging of all penalties in real time(VCP, speeding and course cutting)
  • Speed and odometer
  • Navigation arrow
  • Race abandon alert
  • Speed control
  • Two way communication between organizer and racers through simple keypad (OK?, SOS, Mechanical failure)
  • Small and light
  • Live online tracking
  • Ability to show live timing online
  • Plus other benefits.....

This system has the ability to help with many of the issues we complain about. Issues like:
  • Clear and instant application of penalties so results can be published in timely manner
  • Alert bikes of approaching car
  • Alert competitors of stopped vehicle/bike ahead and condition of crew
  • SOS signal requires other competitors to stop to assist and counts time stopped instantly
  • All speed zones are preprogrammed into unit and will alert racers as they approach
  • Unit can be reprogrammed wirelessly for last minute changes by organizers
  • Navigation arrow as you approach VCP and signal to show you cleared waypoint
Hope that helps a little.


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Roger said he had 10 units in test mode at the last race and they worked awesome. Finally something to look forward to. If it does all the functions that Darren wrote, it will be the ultimate tracking device!


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Roger said he had 10 units in test mode at the last race and they worked awesome. Finally something to look forward to. If it does all the functions that Darren wrote, it will be the ultimate tracking device!
Will we be able to here you online? Hope so.. being at home in Oklahoma sucks but i always look forward to hearing you on the radio.. I usually listen to the whole thing if I can stay awake :)

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