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Anyone planning on racing SL/12 at parker?

I spoke with Jay via email and he says that there will be a SL class this year.

I am getting my entry in but if less than 4 register is SL, we will be mixing it up with class 10. So, before I do an engine, I was curious if other SL cars will be racing that class or 10 class.


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Jay says that if there are enough entrys, yes there will be SCORE Lite class. They will race for there own purse but the points will go towards the class 10 championship.


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Harley and Kory usually run their class 12 in 10 and do really well at parker, but this year I think they are running a new 10 car.

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Hi Eric! There are quite a few of us coming to Parker for Class 12. The following have committed:
Jerry Penhall - 2 seat Penhall
Michael Cohen - 2 seat Jimco
Morley Williams - 2 seat MECO
Mike Voyles - 2 seat Penhall
Greg Anderson - 2 seat ???
Pedos Viejos - 2 seat Black Widow by Kreger

We are still working on a Pro 12 that will most likely start after Parker 400. All interested single and two seat air cooled beam cars please call (619) 691-9171 or e-mail (racerxmotorsports@hotmail.com) me to discuss Pro 12 and / or participation in Parker. So put in the proper sized motor with your beam car and come race Class 12!

Good Luck!
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I know one of the Pedos guys and they are running class 10 at Parker. They are building a new 10 car by Derek Kreger and are Pro-10 members for 2002. Their new car will not be done for Parker so they will be running the 12 car. The team consists of Will and Jerry Higman. They have been out of racing for the last 6 years but are back in a big way. They raced class 1/2-1600 in the hay days of the eighties. Will was second place class champion in 1986 and runner up to Robby Gordon for rookie of the year that same year. They could be a team to watch?

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well we are going to see if we can get are car ready. Sound like a fun race. The only hold up would be front arms, hear there is a long lead time from fodrill (sp?)


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I heard Morley Williams is building a new 12 car. He was planning on having it done for Parker but I am not sure?

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