SCORE Payback?


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How much do you think winning the Baja 1000 pays back with 10 entries in the class? Entry fee was $3715.00 if paid on time and $3915.00 if paid after deadline. Let's assume everyone paid on time so $37,150.00 was collected for the class.

In the "old' days it was very clear. Back then, If I remember correctly 50% was taken off the top for promoter expenses. The remaining 50% went to the purse. So $18,575.00 in the purse where you have 30% payback. 10 entries would have paid to 3rd place? 50% or $9287.50 to first , 30% or $5572.50 to second, and 20% or $3715.00 to third.

What do you guys think or remember?
Not even close
The total registration fee is broke down in many ways , and only the entry fee counts for this equation ,
Land use fee
Radio fee
Insurance fee
Etc etc...
then entry fee is split =to very little money to get back