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Score San Felipe 250 Draw

John Bitting

30th SCORE San Felipe 250

Feb. 24-28, 2016—449.5 miles

San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico

DRAWING--Total Entries: 126 (as of 2/11/16)

(from 16 U.S. States, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico)

(starting order from start draw, by class)

Pro Cars & Trucks


40 Chris Miller

** Cory Keysar

97 B.J. Baldwin

16 Cameron Steele

13 Damen Jefferies

21 Gus Vildosola Jr

48 Jimmy Nuckles

2 Jason McNeil

1 Carlos Lopez

47 James Bult

15 Billy Wilson

4 Justin Matney

50 Zak Langley

45 Gary Magness

CLASS 1 (17)

117 Stephen Squires

123 Monica Greenhill

111 Paul Keller

110 Eric Chase

118 Ricardo Malo

138 Brad Wilson

100 Shelby Reid

106 Derek Fletcher

153 Ronny Wilson

102 Clyde Stacy

150 Morgan Langley

156 Tom Kirkmeyer

172 Jamie Galles

131 George Peters

104 Rob Archibald

185 Justin Davis

175 Jaime Huerta Jr-1st RS


252 Gonzalo Pirron

206 Pat O’Keefe

202 Chad Broughton

221 Johnny Angal

227 Jonathan Brenthel

200 Larry Connor

246 Jose Gomez

250 John Langley

273 Jordan Brenthel

254 Andres Ruffo

252 Russell Buehler

211 Pat Sims

220 Craig Christy-1st RS

CLASS 10 (17)

1069 Juan Guillen

1058 Clay Lawrence

1018 Miguel Tornel Jr

1095 Alberto Ritchie

1000 Cody Reid

1040 Cody Robinson

1050 Joe Lombardo

1088 Luis Salgado

1048 Kevin Price

1034 Cliff Cole

1043 Scott Youngren

1005 Eliat Cabrales

1002 Mike Lawrence

1075 Eliseo Garcia

1081 Todd Winslow

1021 Talya Martin-2nd RS

1060 Armando Boehme 1st RS


1218 Miguel Tornel Sr

1201 Mike Kuligowski

1229 Raul Rodriguez

CLASS 8 (1)

810 Enrique Lara

CLASS 1/2-1600 (8)

1615 Jesus Velez

1605 Miguel Cortez

16XX Angel Perez

1609 Jose Robles

1606 Ruben Sanudo

16XX Fernando Orozco

1601 Horacio Fernandez

1697 Jorge Sampietro

CLASS 7 (3)

726 Greydon Fauvre

701 Brandon Walsh

725 JT Holmes-1st RS

CLASS 5 (1)

500 Victor Cesena

CLASS 5-1600 (3)

597 Enrique Zazueta Jr-3rd RS

551 Emilio Salcido-2nd RS

553 Armando Garcia, 1st RS

CLASS 11 (4)

1121 Dennis Hollenbeck

1103 Noe Gutierrez

1156 Art Penner

1150 Rene Rodrigues

Pro UTV (3)

1915 Thomas Graves

1930 Sean Cook

1949 Alonso Lopez

Pro UTV FI (3)

2904 Cory Sappington

2917 Derek Murray

2931 Craig Scanlon

Pro Motorcycles


37x Kevin Murphy

15x Larry Serna

3x Ray Dal Soglio

1x Colton Udall

7x Braxton Gallian

4x Francisco Arredondo


122x Ruben Alamo

101x Mark Winkelman-1st RS

PRO MOTO 30 (1)

301x Christopher Schultz

PRO MOTO 40 (6)

404x Jano Montoya

455x Mike Johnson

400x Colie Potter

405x David Cardoza

437x Craig Thompson

422x Chad Thornton

PRO MOTO 50 (3)

555x John Sylvester

5XXx Mark Winkelman

540x Michael Garmin


740x Boe Huckins

716x Ryan Gutile

729x Michael Skurkis

702x Tony Gera

745x Russ Daman

704x Carlos Gracida-3rd RS

777x Hank Salyer-2nd RS

789x Aki Polvikoski-1st RS

Pro Quads

Pro Quad (3)

1a Javier Robles Jr

9a Juan Dominguez

3a Heriberto Marquez


SPT M/C (5)

222x Kenneth Skillern

230x Kristopher Harvey

242x Ryan Littlewood

2XXx Nathan Vizzo-2nd RS

293x Kent Choma-1st RS


1XXa Erik Ruiz

110a Danny Magdaleno

Jorge Rodriguez

50% tortoise 50% hare
Clyde Stacey in a class 1. Any info on this car?

Derek Fletcher is running his in class 1 as well so it's not that car.

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2317 Cherimoya Drive Suite A Vista, CA 92084
Clyde Stacey in a class 1. Any info on this car?

Derek Fletcher is running his in class 1 as well so it's not that car.
Clyde is in the alpha per the entry list..

E&S Racing

Damen in the #13. Wonder what he's bringing???


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No Rob Mac, Laguna, Herbst, Weyrich, Voss.

Only 14 Trophy Trucks, is a very low entry list.


Good to see Damen back. Cant wait to eat some gorbenador tacos, drink cold beers and choose to spectate anywhere I want.

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El Mamito USMC

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its ridiculous to charge 1495 for a 250ish mile race.... I cant imagine whats going to be for the B1k 2017.,...


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Parker 280 over 2 k.What does the Mint whatever cost per mile ? NORRA per mile is the happy cheap race.
Dollars per smile cant be beat South of the border.