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SCORE - San Felipe 250?

Should SCORE postpone the San Felipe 250?

  • Yes - the risks are not worth it

    Votes: 51 49.5%
  • No - the show must go on

    Votes: 52 50.5%

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Jerry Maguire
As I've watched every single sporting event in the world cancel their events there is one sport seeming to ignore reality and continue to try and host their event: SCORE San Felipe 250. So I thought I'd see what everyone else's thoughts were on the subject. Curious to hear from both racers and fans who planned on going. Some factors to consider:

(1) The US may close its border and you could be stuck down there. Likewise Mexico could close down theirs and you could not even be allowed in. Either happening right before the race would mean a ton of wasted time and money.
(2) You could be placed in a two week quarantine on the way back in if something happened while down there, like you getting sick. The thought of a 2 week lock up in Mexicali doesn't sound very appealing.
(3) I'm already hearing of people's work refusing them the time off if they travel to a foreign country for fear of getting the virus.
(4) An infected person could bring the disease down to San Felipe and infect the whole town, a town that definitely doesn't have the resources to deal with a Global Pandemic.
(5) You really feel comfortable asking your 10, 20, 30+ volunteers to leave their families and travel down there? You as a racer are responsible for them so is that a responsibility you are willing to take?

On the flip side its Baja and everything is always better in Baja!

My thoughts even though I'm not racing are to postpone it. I wouldn't even risk going as a spectator (which I had planned on doing).

Let's hear everyone else's.


What A Joke
Yes and here is why IMO.
Mexico has almost no test kits for this. They have 3 places in the whole country that can even test people and that’s it. They have NO idea how many people in the country right now have it. There could be 20,000 people with it and they wouldn’t even know it. They are reporting 14 confirmed cases in ALL of Mexico, you really believe only 14 people have it in the whole country???

The US State Dept just released a warning of travel outside the US to ANY country. I’ve never seen that before in my life time, it’s usually country specific and now it just says outside of the US period.
There is just too much unknown right now to try and have it.
Strictly my .02 based on nothing besides personal research of information available.


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Race it ... some of us are already pretty heavily invested. Don’t feel comfortable simply do not go, if your crew doesn’t feel it’s the right choice for them to go , that’s their personal decision. I’ll say this, being active duty Army , if the approving authority for my leave/vacation thought it was that big of a threat , they definitely would have said no to me and denied my leave . See ya gentlemen at the green flag hopefully


The uncertainty, the risk and the selfishness to ask your team (volunteers) to even go down there, should be an automatic "NO-GO" . Let things cool down for a couple weeks and then regroup. Postponing the race until mid-April isn't going to be a big deal, I wouldn't think. Why SCORE isn't saying anything about this right now, is a bit suspect also .. I mean pre-running starts this Saturday. No one can guarantee if the borders will even be open when completed. The racers need to get together and express their concerns to Score and they need to do the "smart thing" ..


If I didnt have a new born Id gladly take the 2 weeks off and stay in Mexicali drinking Tecates and eating tacos until I got cleared.

Realisticly, I see it also getting canceled/postponed. Dont think my team is racing and I cant go anyway so not a huge personal loss. Sucks I have to miss my favorite race of the year 2 years in a row though.

J Prich

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I would be completely shocked if the borders stay open the way they are right now. My guess is that within a week max, we're going to see limitations on travel across the border.
Ya'll acting like this Coronavirus is a terminal diseases. It's the flu on steroids. Worldwide there are 56 deaths daily from it. There are 3000+ deaths per day from tuberculosis yet no one is asking for TB shots. Rabies has nearly a 3 times higher mortality rate per day. RABIES!!! Everyone just needs to calm the I failed high school down. Bunch of offroad racers not worried about racing through the desert at 100+mph with the actual chance of death, but you run for the hills if someone near you sneezes. WAFJ!


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With BITD not cancelling their race I don’t see SCORE postponing on their own. I imagine it will be a government mandated closure or border restriction that forces a change.


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Look I'm an old guy been doing this since 1984. I have the usual assortment of health issues affecting us as we age. We all know that San Felipe is just the best place on earth however we all know that it is not the most sanitary place to be. Having said that, It's not the race I'm concerned about, its getting back home that weighs on my mind. A lot can happen in these next couple of weeks and border closures are not out of the realm of possibilities. Just dont want to get caught up in a quarantine situation south of the border. I'm gonna sit this one out.


The cv19 fear and real threat is exponential. Things in nature are linear.
Most people can not wrap their head around this and those that got trained in it often take advantage of it.

Look one week ago vs. today... the state we are in.

Set your reminder to 7 days ahead or introspect 7 days back. The pole above will be different. The SF250 is 14 days away


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Nascar is running their races but with no spectators in the stands , so in other words pretty much the same as always :p
Ouch, LOL

I have been going to Texas Motor Speedway since it opened and it is shocking to say the least.


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Score will not cancel/postpone the race for obvious reasons. The only way that happens is if Mexico tells them that it can’t happen or the border closes.
With that being said, there’s no way that Mexico doesn’t have a lot more cases than they have reported or tested. For example a cruise ship went down the coast and came back with a lot of infected people. I am not pointing finger saying they got it there. They very well could have had one passenger in the beginning with it that infected others. But they all got off at ports during their trip. So therefore they had to have transferred it to some of the locals they interacted with along the way.
The next problem that I personally have is family related. I understand I am in the age group that even if I did get sick it would likely be mild. BUT both of my wife’s parent’s are having very bad battles with cancer and my mom is in a nursing home recovering from extreme injuries. So therefore it transferring within our family could be terminal for any of them.
Then the new problem that came up today is is my kids school has a new policy for the time being. If student or any person they have direct contact leaves the USA that the student can not come to school for 14 days after trip or contact.
Things are getting a little out of control and honestly I don’t think there is any 1 source you can truly trust for the facts of what’s going on right now.


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here a risk , there a risk , everywhere a risk risk . Or something like that. God willing and tge creek dont rise we will be there. Anyone wants to rent out a a vacant left seat ??????

jon coleman

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race it, its desert racing, let the rest of the world sit on couch and fade away, like fred astair, im gonna race that last race, then again , give this thing ONE year, no vacine?, still everything shut down?, then why even get up in the morning, screw that, life is full of danger, disappointments, sorrow, heartache& then guesse what?, you die, i Hate my couch, im going for a walk....