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SCORE - San Felipe 250?

Should SCORE postpone the San Felipe 250?

  • Yes - the risks are not worth it

    Votes: 51 49.5%
  • No - the show must go on

    Votes: 52 50.5%

  • Total voters

Curtis Guise

SCORE just postponed the San Felipe 250 until May 9th the B500 will be rescheduled also
Correct. Details were in another post in this thread earlier and also in the PR section of our homepage now.



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Hope the 500 is down the pacific and then back up the pacific. Borrego in summer could be a touch warm.


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It’s definitely going to be a hot summer. We barely even ran our heater at all this winter. Generally east side of ojos to Felipe is same kind of weather and temperatures we have here.


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I remember when Pdailey would "moderate" my posts..... I don't like it when people get all huffy and say they'll never post again on this forum.... If you don't come here on occasion to see the mood of off road in general..... Then you are NOT an off roader, or you have your head up your ass or buried in the sand.... Most of the elite TT drivers that DON'T post here either have their own business interests not to..... Or they don't have enough life experiences to be relevant to their fans..... Muneca....


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Hope the 500 is down the pacific and then back up the pacific. Borrego in summer could be a touch warm.
I second this big time. No reason to add the miles out there at that time of year. Dangerous and not fun. Lets push for the mountains and coastal roads. Even short the miles by a few to make it work.


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San Felipe crime rate just spiked. No fishing and now the race isn't coming to town for months.


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One other thing to note, if the roles were reversed and a bunch of Mexicans had the virus and were trying to come up to the United States to race where the virus was not present you all would be the protesting, yelling BUILD THE WALL and shut it down, Trump screaming it the loudest. Its mind boggling to me that most of you have no issue heading down there and potentially bring it to them.
That is a daily struggle for those of us who live in the south west part of America.


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I think people buying into the hype side of this need to understand that just because some of us say people are overreacting/panicking does not mean we aren't taking precautions or care about other people. The normal reaction to this (common sense reaction) would be if you have been exposed to someone sick, realize you can be a carrier, limit exposure to others who are not sick. If you are sick, stay at home, don't expose others to what you have. There is nothing NEW about that ideology, it is how you should treat every illness. If you have not been exposed to anyone sick, do not have any symptoms, and haven't been to any areas/regions where it is growing rapidly, there is no reason to stop living life. But the things we are seeing with panic buying, hoarding, etc... are absolutely not logical, let alone using common sense. People are reacting like this truly is the end of days and shopping that way.


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Doubt it can be worse than 2016, it was 126F in Boreggo. Diablo was still 113F at 11pm
So true that was a long day in the desert....🥵


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The day before was longer... We helped the Mocos guys reweld the tongue on their trailer after it fell off the trailer dove off the road up be San Matias. That was work. Next day was living in shade waiting to pit race cars in 123 degree heat south of SF. Interesting Dog colony across road was entertaining to watch.