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SCORE - San Felipe 250?

Should SCORE postpone the San Felipe 250?

  • Yes - the risks are not worth it

    Votes: 51 49.5%
  • No - the show must go on

    Votes: 52 50.5%

  • Total voters

lil manny

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As long as there’s no border closures the week of I’ll be there!🤘
Besides I’m sure they wouldn’t close the borders immediately, just like the Europe travel ban they’d probably give a couple days of notice before hand giving us enough time to drive back from SF


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OMG you guys. Please come on. I'm a Deputy Chief for a very large Fire Department in WASHINGTON State. We have a Captain that is quarantined right now because he was around a person that tested positive for COVID-19. (This was not on a response) The requirements for being quarantined right now is you have to be within 6 feet of the person for 10 minutes or more and then the Health Department will require you to self quarantine for 14 days from the time you came in contact with the person. Oh ya, forgot to tell you he has ZERO flu like symptoms. He was around this person on the 3rd of this month and has until the 17th. Just make sure you wash your hands frequently, don't shake hands, don't even do the fist bump do an Elbow bump, don't go to the big bar and hang out with everyone. Have fun, focus on the race, get in and drive your ass off. Most of the racers are not even in the category of being susceptible to hospitalization. Remember the actual average age of death is 80 years old. Most of the deaths in Washington are at a Nursing home with people that quite frankly are reaching the end of their lives without contracting this virus. Let's be safe and see a good race.

jon coleman

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off ' topic' question, hows SF weather been lately? wet??( gonna be a beeeautchen course w All that water...)

Big Whitey

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Since most all of my team are Mex locals this year I will be there racing. The only two comin down from the states are myself and my Co dog. The other driver and co and all of the chase team are local to Ensenada. If I have to quarantine at least I will be with my Mex family and friends. Could be worse.


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No one will get sick from the race, thousands will get sick from the 70,000 spectators of which 60,000 will be drunk packing the Malecon from Thursday through Sunday going in every restaurant bar bathroom I’ll touching the same things and absolutely zero sanitary conditions your plans on how to make things More sterile. If you walk from one end of the Malecon to the other you literally will bump into hundreds of people in each direction, all the takes is one.


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Say all the TT guys withdraw, is it worth it for score to go through with it?
holly smokes! If all the TT’s were tovwithdraw then just maybe another class would actually get a few seconds of media coverage and possibly airtime!!
Just a joke, it is a major concern. Hope everyone is prepared and taking care of their families.


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Now I know whos been panic buying...

AMLO stated today that he is not closing down borders.