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SCORE Website Error


This is just a note to let everyone know that the SCORE website has once again let its viewers down. Nothing worse than a page full of bad dates and room rates. I went down the list of Hotel packages that are listed on the SCORE website for the upcoming Laughlin race... here's what I found.

So far I've called three different hotels and have had all three tell me that the discounted rates are ONLY GOOD ON THE 23rd and 24th... and NOT ON THE 25th or 26th... I almost had the Harrahs guy hook me up with the $69 package listed on SCORE-INTERNATIONAL.COM but his supervisor wouldn't let him. Maybe I'll call around to all the hotels pretending to be Sal Fish... and cancel his room. (I know it ain't Sal's fault but he gets blamed for everything)



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Thats one of the reasons I can not go. I had enough $$$ but not for the higher rates. So I am not going nos.

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Call the Chamber of Commerce. They my be able to hook you guys up. That is what I did for the last 2 years. I'm going to Parker this year. I have an extra room at Parker for $49 a night for Thurs-Sat nights.
im sleeping in my car all the nights (fri and sat), haven't thought about the shower thing yet, ewww me.

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I looked at the Chamber of Commerce website and they too have the Harrahs package listed at $69 bucks. So it's a typical CUT AND PASTE deal that nobody ever bothered to verify.

I just got off the phone with the Edgewater and booked two nights including all the package crap for $95 bucks with TAX. Includes two buffet comps, shirts, some tickets and some other crap. Seems pretty cheap. Hey Fish, if you need a place (gratis) to crash let me know.

I'm gonna call the Chamber tomorrow and give them my $.02


Here's the info

Edgewater Hotel/Casino - Friggin' Verified as of 1-22-2002 @ 18:35 hours

Package includes: Room for two nights (Friday and Saturday), two Saturday event tickets ,two Buffet comps for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Two custom design Edgewater shirts, two free Funbooks and an Edgewater souvenir.
Package price: $88, plus tax for two people
For reservations call: 1-800-67RIVER

Flamingo Laughlin - On yo' own on this one...

Package includes: Room for two nights (Friday and Saturday) and four tickets to the event(2 Saturday & 2 Sunday). Package rate subject to availability and requires advance reservations. Ask for SCORE package.
Package price: $99, plus tax for two people
For reservations call: 1-800-662-6004