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Scott Speed wins X-Games!

Rally Car Racing

Former Formula 1 driver Scott Speed took his third Rally Car Racing gold medal in what he described as "the craziest race I've ever done in my life." He became the first driver in X Games history to win three golds in Rally.

The race started with a huge pileup in Turn 1. Brian Deegan's car plowed through the barriers and into the leader spot before quickly being overtaken by Sebastian Eriksson, followed by Speed. Eriksson held the lead, but Speed eventually made side-by-side contact and moved into first on Lap 5.

Speed, who was racing in a Volkswagen Beetle, had planned on taking a lead in the first corner, but the early collision changed that. "The car got destroyed and after that I figured it was done, but I kept hounding the leader and he made a mistake and I was able to get by," Speed said.

It then became a race for the silver medal between Eriksson and Steve Arpin. Eriksson got punctured on the left rear tire on Lap 6, which gave Arpin the chance to make an inside pass.

Arpin gained on Speed in the final lap, but Speed kept his car under control despite damage to his exhaust and visibly shedding car parts as he crossed the finish line in first place. Arpin took the silver medal and Eriksson the bronze.

Fan favorites Travis Pastrana and Ken Block both missed qualifying for finals.


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Does anyone know what happened to Deegan. It seemed like he was in the lead and had a good car but then faded back after that. We know he can drive so I assume the GRC Ford just couldnt hang.


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what's the logic on using slicks out there w/ the dirt sections? seemed like they had zero traction once they hit the dirt.