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Scout 80/800 for NORRA 2018?


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We are the idiots who did this year's race in the green class 9, and are already thinking about 2018- like everyone else. Kinda thinking about doing something different this time around; lets face it, 6" of suspension travel is a little rough.

Maybe a Pioneer 4x4 IH Scout 80 or 800 from the 60's. I know of the Balch Scout from the 70's, but has anyone seen any others?

I have been reading the 2017 rules- straightforward enough, but they are a shade thin on details...
Pioneer 4x4 class
Body style must have existed in this Era
Stock chassis, stock suspension
solid axle 4wd
35” max tire diameter
2” max shock diameter, no coilovers, no bypasses


8.4 Pioneer 4x4s
The spirit of this category is to provide a home for production based 4x4 Trucks / SUVs that raced in the 1967-1975 era. The body style must have existed in this era. Example: A 1977 Bronco can be legal in this class since its body style was introduced in 1966.
The chassis must be stock.
Must have solid front axle 4 wheel drive.
The suspension must be stock including mounting / pivot locations and spring mounting locations.
Spring rate is open but leaf springs and shackles must be stock lengths.
The maximum shock diameter is 2” (OD). No coilovers. No bypass shocks (internal or external).
The maximum tire diameter is 35”.
No rear links

Stock chassis, stock suspension:
HOW stock of chassis? Using rollcage to tie things together is ok, but no tube 'replacement'?
Stock suspension? A few Scouts were offered with Dana 44's f&r. So assuming Dana 44's, how stock do they need to be? Stock housings with reinforcements welded on and reinforced internals? What about spindles and what not? Stock?

I assume this needs to be vaguely close to stock/ age relevant- No ecotech 6-cyl or anything...Transmission/transfer case should be IH stuff available on a Scout from the period?

Anything else i am not thinking of/misreading/misinterpreting?


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Woohoo! SSII in the air! Bet the landing hurt. Found a few more on BinderPlanet a while back, but all seem to be II's- haven't seen any 80's or 800's.

correction: a couple 80's in that thread- missed 'em for some reason.

Lol. i was debating just running the 9 again, but not many people fit in it, and i'd kinda like some other folks to have the opportunity to drive more this time around. Maybe i just need more emaciated friends.

For the record, i DO feel bad thinking about not running the 9- i love my 9 car!!!
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Is it hair splitting time already? I didn't hear the alarm. :p

I thought they were actually 'Scout II Travelers' like the Terrras are 'Scout II Terras'.

I did screw up and type 'SS', when this is just a Scout, not a Super.


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The Pioneer and P4x4 rules are pretty wide open to get as many folks as possible to join the party...
That said I like that the Kaysinger Stroppe Bronco I chase for is in the spirit and style of the late 60's to really understand what it was like for those folks.
Then again I say that while chasing in my 70 burb with custom spring packs, res shocks and hydro bump stops :)


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Yeah, i am more interested in the 'spirit and style', than i am in manipulating the rules to arrive at the most modernized truck possible. I just don't wanna end up with something fail-worthy.

LOVED seeing the burb cruising around all week!


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Mike did good in that Scout.
Good times.