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SCR Rhino for Desert Help


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I am wanting to race this rhino in the BOR series, I am looking for info if this is capable of doing it. My concerns are that I am only able to get a top speed of 53mph. I'm not sure if this is way too slow or if this okay for sxs speeds. I just want to have fun doing this but I also don't want to be a moving speed bump out there.
I was able to pick up this Rhino (see rhino info below) for 3k and had to rebuild motor and some other stuff. I'm into it under 5k which is pretty good.

Thanks for any pointers and help.



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With the rims I have 27” tires is as big as I can go. I would have to change out rims also. Not sure if the motor can do much bigger

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57 in a rhino is moving along....your not going to win any races but you will probably have a good time.