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SCU - Char-Lynn to EPS???

I just picked up SCU 5 seater with a LS1 and 33" shoes. The car is currently equipped with a Char-Lynn torque generator for power steering but there is a good amount of slop in the steering wheel. there is no slop between the torque generator and the rack, just the input from the steering wheel.

Here's my question. What are your guys' thoughts on a 400 watt EPS swap? I know they're becoming prevalent in the off road world but would I be better off converting to a standard power steering setup with a basic servo / basic R&P ? If I go EPS, all I have to change is the torque generator over to the EPS and I can use my same manual R&P.

For those of you who have run EPS, any issues? What would be the pros/cons to both.


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I've put one in a daily driver Westfailia bus and a light duty Ocotillo 4 seater. Works great in both cases. The 2 tips I would give are, you really need to mount it well so it cant tear itself out (just like a charlynn), and use large enough wire to power it. They draw a lot of amps momentarily under load.