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My name is Sean Stapley. I run the company Performance Off-Road Systems ( POS for short ;-) and have for about 7 years now I guess. My primary line of work is building hydraulic steering systems for rock crawl/race vehicles. But I have designed and built steering and other vehicle systems for many other applications (some of them very specialized small production run vehicles).

I love looking at the site because of my appreciation for master metal fabrication. Also as a tech junkie I like reading the real world perspective of builders/racers on things such as high speed off-road suspension design to compare with vehicle dynamics books. I also like that CAD design of chassis components/assemblies is more widely used here than on other forums I frequent, since I am always learning how to best use Pro-E for chassis design myself.

I have always thought desert racing was awesome, but since I am almost completely on the wrong side of the country for it, it isn't practical for me to be involved with it too deeply. But I have begun to get involved through the King Of the Hammers race(Cars/Drivers with our steering won the first years race, finished #2 in the second year race, and #7 at this years race). I would like to get further involved and see what we might be able to offer to other classes of desert race vehicles.


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You might want to consider changing Performance Off-Road Systems to PORS instead of POS. I believe that Robby Gordon has POS trademarked for Michael Waltrip and others..........